Greensboro CNA classes?

  1. Hi everybody! After deciding that nursing is where I belong, I am now on a quest for a CNA I class. Because I'm interested in GTCC, I need to find a state-approved school. There are several community colleges in the area, but they all seem to have very long waiting lists. Is this fairly accurate? There were also a few private schools on the list, which cost more but seem to be easier to get into. Any opinions on the different schools?

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   nyanbensmommy1
    if you are receiving fin. aid you can take the NAI course at GTCC... you just need to talk to Jenny and she can help you with that. She's on the second floor.. her office is the second one on the east side of the building
  4. by   NursingN.C
    You could also try Monolia's and priority nursing academy just google the numbers
  5. by   balatro
    Heads up for anyone who stumbles upon this and is looking for CNA courses in Greensboro, Monolia's has had their approval to teach state approved CNA courses revoked.

    Essentially, they had a larger than acceptable amount of people failing the written and skill exams. It also didn't sit well with the state that the owner of the academy is married to a CNA examiner who "judges" at the same facility and they were/are peddling a DVD designed to show you what you need to do in order to pass the skill exam with the minimal amount of effort. The last bit is minor, sure, but it didn't sit well with DHHS, plus the fact that they made an agreement with GTCC to make the purchase of the DVD mandatory for students, in exchange, GTCC gets a % of the sales.