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  1. 0 Well I am currently a pre-nursing student at UNCG. I'm totally frustrated because I started out at UNCW and loved it. I was on track with the program but I really missed home so I transferred. Now I am here at UNCG and they only accept students in the Fall semester and due to the fact that I transferred, I cannot apply to the nursing school until fall-2012. I have decent grades, All As and Bs, but more Bs than As. I'm torn about what to do because I do not think that I will be able to get into UNCGs SON because my grades aren't top notch. My delimma is whether to apply to Community colleges in the area and hope that I can get into an ADN program and possibly go back for a BSN after, or to transfer to yet another university that I am more confident that I can get into. Going to another university may set me back even further than I already am but if I get an ADN and cannot get a job after because employers want BSN nurses, then the set back will be worth it.

    What I really need to know is whether employers prefer BSN over ADN and if it is more difficult to find a job with an ADN degree.

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    I live in Northeast NC I work at a somewhat small hospital on a MED/SURG floor, honestly it doesnt make a difference about ADN or BSN... to work on the floor. Now if you want to SPECIALIZE in something or eventually want to work more of an office job I would get my BSN. But anywhere you work you will need to have floor experience. For rexample I am so glad I have my floor experience of 5 years. working with surgical patients.. it made me realize how much I love Wound Ostomy Care. Now I would need to get my BSN to become a wound ostomy continence nurse.
    Hope this helps. Do you know the field you want to go in yet?
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    That is what I have heard from a lot of nurses. That in reality unless you want somewhat of a management position, your BSN doesn't really matter. I know I dont want to work in an office or be the boss of anyone so I may just go for my ADN if I can get into a school! Thank you for your help!