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Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum. Is anyone applying to to the spring '13 ADN program? The closer the deadline gets the more anxious I become! I hope I have enough points to get in!!!... Read More

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    @chelsee23, I haven't received a letter yet either. I have 170.3 confirmed points as well from MAR. The deadline to accept is this thursday the 18th. Alisha from this thread sent me all the info. So i emailed my seat acceptance just to make sure i don't lose my seat
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    Thank you very much! I am going to give them a call tomorrow. Would you mind sending me that email as well?

    Thanks so much! Congrats on getting in
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    I turned down my acceptance late yesterday. So hopefully some of you out there that did not get in or got waitlisted will be getting contacted soon. Good luck to everyone in your program.
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    Anyone still waiting for letters?