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Hi All, Anyone heard anything on fall 2011 Admittance for Forsythe Tech PN program?... Read More

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    Quote from aharp33
    Are u going for PN or ADN at Forsyth?

    Congrats on getting into the program. I also applied to the PN so i'm still keeping my fingers crossed!!

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    Hopefully we will be classmates! Keep me updated!!
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    Hi just checking with u wanted to send a PM but allnurses won't let me yet..
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    Hi Just checking on you! I am not able to send a PM yet...
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    Actually there was a mix up in the paperwork... Apparently when I applied to FoTech my application was for RN even though I filled out paperwork for the PN program. It was pretty depressing when I called and found out that was what stopped me from getting in! guess I'll finish taking the classes I lacked and apply for RN next fall! Good luck on your year!
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    That is a disappointment! I was really looking forward to meeting you. Thanks!
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    So anyone that Got into the ADN program at Forsyth Tech program tell me what the average points are for the acceptance in to the program if possible. I didn't know if it was the 154.9 to the 191? I am trying to apply for spring 2011

    Thank you

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