Feedback on the BSN program at Queens University

  1. 0 hello everyone!!
    i applied for the bsn nursing program at queens, i just want to know if there is anyone else here that has applied to the program. have you taken all the pre-reqs and what is your gpa? i am nervous because i don't have the best gpa, its 3.2 and my pre-req is 3.7. i still have to take nutrition, dev. psy, and statistics though and i am nervous!

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    I am a current BSN student @ Queens. My college GPA was a 3.75 prior to applying to the program. I have taken all the pre-reqs to get into the nursing program, however, it depends on which route you take and which college you apply to in the nursing program. The 2 colleges are Hayworth and college of arts and sciences that determine if you need to take anything else to meet the degree requirements.
    To tell you the truth, Queens University has an excellent BSN program. The faculty is very helpful and they work with you to pass your courses. It is a very intensive program and you will definitely be overwhelmed by the course load. .

    It looks like you still have a few pre-req's to take, I suggest you get those out of the way prior to applying. Also, I think it is mandatory for you to thave a CNA certificate. Go to This program wll help you pass your CNA without attending a class that is 6 weeks long. This program basically helps you to pass the CNA exam.

    Queens BSN program is expensive. However, you will get good quality education compared to other nursing programs here in charlotte. Go for it. I wish you luck in alll you endeavours.
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    Hey OBigDog, thanks for your resonse,
    Well I already got acepted at Queens Arts and Sciences and I applied for the BSN program. Right now I am doin Micro at CPCC and during the summer I will be taking the rest of the pre-reqs that I need, If I don't get in to the program, Ill just try again next year. I wish you the best in the program!!!:wink2:
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    Hi OBDog I also had another question for you if you don't mind, which school do you think is easier to get inot here in Charlotte, Queens, UNCC, Mercy or CCHS?
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    [quote=palo143;3518740]Hi OBDog I also had another question for you if you don't mind, which school do you think is easier to get inot here in Charlotte, Queens, UNCC, Mercy or CCHS?[/quote

    I'm not really sure. None of them are exactly easy to get into. Nursing school is very competitive. It depends on how many seats they have available. However, I hear that a lot of people apply to Queens Presby ASN program and get accepted.
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    Question I'm planning on moving to NC and I wanna to attend QUEENS University. I wanna
    know how's the BSN program and the faculty? And how high I need my GPA to be in order
    to be a competitive candidate?

    thanks Vick

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