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    I was just wondering if there were any who will be applying for either GTCC or FTCC nursing program. I took and passed my TEAS exam this past friday and i'm sooo happy since it's one hurdle that's been tackled lol but ow i'm torn which one to go to... so i'm applying to both.

    I'm honestly leaning towards FTCC since they had a 95% nclex pass rate which is 10% more than GTCC. But this is of course if i get accepted. I have 155 points which i'm hoping is good enough.
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    Just received my letter from Gtcc for fall 2011! I am an alternate How much hope will it be for alternates this term???
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    I'm sure you'll get called.. i hear they actually go through all of their alternates since there are some applicants that go to other schools.

    Good luck.
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    I hope so Good luck to you as well!
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    i got my denial letter yesterday so now i'm praying and hoping forsyth accepts me. I soooo don';t want to take the TEAS V
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    I received my letter yesterday stating i'm an alternant. I'm hoping I get called since i was only 2.9 point away from the points they accepted applicants.

    Any news from GTCC yet?
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    No....not yet. Their deadline to turn in all required materials for alternate/accepted nursing students is in June, so I don't anticipate hearing anything until then.