Edgecombe County School Sports Programs On The Chopping Block?

  1. With the epidemic of childhood obesity in our state, not a smart move. I hope this proposed measure does not succeed. Edgecombe County, by the way, has the dubious honor of having the highest incidence of stroke in the entire United States. Is this being penny wise but pound foolish? (pun intended)

    Looking for a solution to a budget deficit, Edgecombe County Schools is considering cuts in the athletics department. The proposed budget shows an eight-percent reduction and calls for the elimination of several athletic teams, including wrestling and golf at Tarboro High School, cross country and indoor track at Southwest Edgecombe and North Edgecombe High Schools.

    The proposed budget would also cut cross country in all middle schools and cheerleaders will no longer travel to games outside the county. The school board will meet again later this month as it works to finalize the budget.
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