ECU Alternative Entry MSN Program - Fall 2013 - page 5

Hi! I was wondering if anyone was going to apply to ECU's Alt Entry MSN program this Fall for a Fall 2013 start! I originally was going to apply to Duke's program, but after a lot of research... Read More

  1. by   mckenzielarmstrong
    Jdenis--I am trying to figure out housing (as well as get everything done in the email from yesterday!). I'm from the Charlotte area.
  2. by   JDenis94
    Yeah, I'm from Raleigh--thinking about taking the day off work in the next couple of weeks to go to Gville and get fitted for scrubs, pick up the ID badge, etc. I'm not sure yet what I'll do re: housing. It kind of depends on what happens with my partner's job in the next couple of months. I'll either stay in Raleigh and commute or move to Greenville...