ECU alternate entry MSN 2012

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    Found out I was accepted to ECU's AE MSN program beginning in August. Has anyone else who is accepted want to open a discussion about moving, housing, the program etc?

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    [font=times]congratulations kenthomas! i'm in for the fall as well. haven't formally accepted yet but almost certain i will. nice to see someone else in the 2012 cohort.
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    Very cool...where in NC do you live now? Will you need to relocate there?
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    Live in Durham so commuting, while possible, is not really practical. My father lives about 40 miles from ECU so that could be an option. Still exploring but looks like it would be better to be in G'ville.
    Are you in NC? Planning on accepting the ECU offer?
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    Congratulations to you both! I'm also joining the program this August.
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    Yes, I live in Charlotte, and will definitely be attending. I have a home here, so total relocation isn't possible, but I am looking at options for very low cost housing during the week, since I would return home most every weekend. Some rentals in the area are very very cheap... Have you guys recieved any additional information from them yet? I'm wondering what our schedule will initially be like.... Congrats JCF...glad you made it....
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    Congrats to you too, jcf! Same boat kenthomas--have home in Durham and would probably be here on weekends. Looking at my notes from the info session, I think classes are TWF--at least for the fall semester (but I also have something about Thursday so who knows). Have no idea what the clinical schedule would be. I've received a couple of things from the grad school, nothing from the department except the admission letter.
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    David...sent u a pm
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    Tried to respond to you kenthomas but system wouldn't let me. Evidently you have to have posted 15 times before you can respond to a pm. If you want to send me your email in a pm I'll respond to that.
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    I got ur pm...but sent email too....

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