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Found out I was accepted to ECU's AE MSN program beginning in August. Has anyone else who is accepted want to open a discussion about moving, housing, the program etc?... Read More

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    Moved to NC Nursing Programs for more response.

    Good luck to all of you!

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    I have been accepted into the program for Fall 2012. I am moving from Utah and am having a hard time finding a place to live, without actually being there. Can anyone give me some ideas of great apartment complexes within walking distance to the health sciences campus? I need a 2bdr apartment, I am moving with my husband and 2yo. Any responses would be helpful! Thanks!
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    I would recommend looking at Treybrooke Apartments. They are literally right across the street from the health sciences campus on 5th street. Here is the link for the complex! Hope this helps.

    Treybrooke Apartments : Greenville, NC
    Treybrooke Apartments : Floorplans : 1 Bedroom
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    Are you walking because you'd like to or because you have to? Because I wouldn't recommend walking to and from the Hospital, especially after dark.

    I left ECU in July of 2011 after graduating with a BA degree in German and minor in Art History. I'm actually going back to to ECU to take pre-reqs, so I can apply to the Alt Entry program for a Fall 2013 start.


    My point is, the area around the Hospital can be sketchy. It is cheap, but further away from daily living places, like shopping. If you're living near the Hospital, the "closest" grocery store is a kinda crummy Food Lion. Everything else is a 10 minute or so drive into town.

    I lived in an apartment about 15 minutes or so away from the Hospital that was really nice and the area wasn't bad either. It's on the "other side" of town, closer to Winterville, but also close to a Harris Teeter (4-5 min), Food Lion (3 min), the Mall (5 min), and other shopping. The apartments were Melbourne Park, owned by Wainright Properties. I swear, they own about 60% of all rental properties in Greenville, but I've lived with them for 2 years and the experience wasn't bad.

    The apartment was incredibly quiet, with a mixture of students and professionals. I was a student at the time and worked on the other side of the Hospital. The drive is a straight shot up Arlington, so it's really not that bad. I shared a 2 BR/2 BA with my boyfriend at $655/mo with water and sewer included. You can also rent a washer and dryer for $30/mo.

    If I remember correctly, there's a bus stop near the apartment complex and I'm sure there are buses going to and from the Hospital if you need them. Plus, you're a LOT closer to the grocery store at MP than at Treybrooke, if you do have to walk.

    If you can get away with it, live on the southeast side of town nearest Winterville. It's more family friendly, quiet, cheaper and certainly safer. Areas around the Hospital and behind the University . . . aren't.

    I hope this helps!
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    Good Evening,

    I am former ecu grad with BS in Public Health Education. I am contemplating applying to the alternate entry master of science in nursing at ECU. I am interested in the pass rate for the NCLEX exam for this program. I live in the immediate area so I have access to ECU as well as 4 other community colleges RN programs. I am trying to decide which one to apply to. I already have my prerequistes classes out of the way. I am mainly concerned with learning clinical skills and good patient care. I would like to eventually teach, work in school health, occupational health, or public health nursing. I will be taking the GRE and the MAT next month. I have an appointment to talk with the advisor from the ECU AE-MSN program in August. I know I will not be able to work during the program which is fine. I am not married and I do not have any children. Any information and insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.
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    Is anyone here an out-of-state student? I'm interested to know what the total estimated cost of this program would be. I can only find information on what one semester would be based on a number of units, but I couldn't find the cost per unit. Thanks for any information!
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    xInspiredx- I completed Phase 1 out of state this July. Tuition for the each semester Spring/Fall was around $8500. Summer tuition really hurt as it was $4800 for each summer session. So total for the year Fall 2011-Summer 2012 was ~$27K. You also have to have either private health insurance or the school plan which has gone up to about $750 per semester of coverage.

    All in all, I ended up taking out $40K in loans to cover living expenses, tuition etc. Additionally, the school will not consider Summer Sessions I and II as part of the next school year, so you will not be able to acquire enough government offered financial aid (what's offered based on your FAFSA you submit to the Financial Aid office) to cover the entire school year unless you have savings to live off of.

    Hope this helps!
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    Quote from ElizabethR11
    xInspiredx- I completed Phase 1 out of state this July.
    Thanks for your reply!
    1) Did your concentration require clinical experience? I read that some of the concentrations require clinical experience, but it would seem to me that all should.
    2) How far away were your clinicals?
    3) Where were the clinicals typically held?
    4) Since Phase II is online, does that mean that you are required to stay near the campus? If you need clinical hours for your concentration, would you be able to complete it anywhere?
    5) So you wouldn't be able to get government-based assistance, because Phase I isn't considered to be one full, academic year? Which loans did you end up having to take then?

    Thanks again!
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    Does anyone know why ECU has stopped the AE MSN program after fall 2013?
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    Quote from bdavis51
    Does anyone know why ECU has stopped the AE MSN program after fall 2013?
    It is my understanding that the AE MSN program is being converted into an accelerated BSN program.

    Many students in the AE MSN program are just settling for the RN component (completing Phase 1) and not continuing on to receive their advanced practice degree (in other words, not completing Phase 2 of the program). These students exist in some sort of a 'limbo land' with a NC RN license but no BSN degree!

    MSN Alternate Entry Option

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