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    Hello All,

    I am graduating with an undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies. I applied and interviewed at ECU for their MFT program and was not offered a seat. I was sad at first, but I figure there were more options out there. My husband suggested that I go to nursing school. So, after alot of thinking, I decided that that track was alright, being that I began my undergraduate career as a nursing major. I think that ECU is a very great school so I looked and found that they have an AE program, which is graduate because I would have been ****** if I had to start again as an undergraduate!

    Well, I sent my transcript for review today and I will hear back soon. I am NOT driving there again for any info session... that was 12 hours and $300 that I didnt have in the first place. My husband is planning on going there to continue his education so I will be in the area in August. I will have to take more pre-req classes and possibly retake the one I have completed.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about application process, MAT/GRE scores, grades?

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    Any word back yet? I got my acceptance letter and am looking to connect with other students to learn more about the area/housing opportunities/ etc!

    Let me know, and fingers crossed on your behalf!
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    Hi ElizabethR11. Have you started classes? I have just decided to apply for this program. I was wondering if you could answer some questions about the program (if you have time- I imagine you are pretty busy right about now). I am excited to see so many positive things being said about ECU here on these forums!
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    Hi WhitneyA, classes officially start on Tuesday but we have had orientation for the program. I'd be happy to try to answer any questions you might have! You can message me or just post back on here.
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    I was wondering if you know anything about what the first year class schedule is like and how clinicals are set up (throughout the year or all at the end). I will be commuting 80 miles each way for Phase I of the program, so I am trying to get a feel for what we will have to prepare for. I am planning to attend the information session, but when I saw someone that is actually in the program on here I got impatient for information LOL! Also, do you have to set up your own clinicals for Phase II? Do you know if anyone has had trouble getting a job as an RN after Phase I? I want to go FNP, so I know I will need to start working as an RN right away to gain experience. Do you know what route you are planning to go yet? I probably have about 100 more questions, but I will try to contain myself. I am so excited to have found this option.
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    We have classes all day Tuesdays/Wednesdays and class and lab on Fridays. We do not meet for classes on Mondays or Thursdays. Out of the 30 students, we are split in to 6 groups of 5 students. Groups 1,2 and 3 and Groups 4,5 and 6 will be paired together for clinical experiences. We will not start our clinicals until later in the first semester, but we have been told we will choose our sites from three sites which are all about 45 minutes from Greenville. We will be at the same sites for the remainder of the fall and spring semester. I know that several of my classmates are commuting from surrounding areas and ECU's College of Nursing overall has been very cognizant of the fact that many students are commuting. Once you are finished with Phase I, you must take the NCLEX and locate a job as an RN. All of the Phase II concentrations require a minimum of one year of experience as an RN. Our class met with a recruiter from Pitt County Memorial Hospital and it sounds like they are very keen to hire new ECU grads. Other than that, it does not sound like Phase I students have had a difficult time locating employment after passing the NCLEX. As far as setting up clinicals for Phase II, I do not know how that works yet because our professors keep stressing to us that we don't need to worry about Phase II since we have enough on our plates with Phase I. The selection to FNP and ANP for Phase II is extremely competitive. Each year, there are only 2 spots for FNP and 2 for ANP reserved for AE MSN students. There are no limits on any other concentration at this time. We have been told that if you are not selected for the concentration that you want that you can reapply the following year (this would mean either taking a year off from coursework or just continuing part time taking the 5 or 6 core courses required of all master's concentrations)

    Hope this answers some of your questions!
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    Thank so much for your replies! That does sound very commuter friendly. I knew FNP would be super competitive, but I did not realize just how much. That is OK though- I have plenty of time before I need to worry about that. I wish you the best in school!
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    I am applying for this program for 2012...
    Can anyone share what successful applicants have in terms of gpa, gre etc?

    Does anyone know if the age of prerequisite courses is a big factor? My gen chem courses are more than ten years old, though I have taken graduate level biochem courses since then....?

    I have a 3.5 with a degree in Bio, and am registered (and studying for...) the GRE now.....
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    Kenthomas- well, hopefully we will be classmates! I have no idea about the stats, but I did want to share the answer about pre-reqs. I was told that the only course that needs to be taken recently is Anatomy & Physiology, but that I would need to review material for my older science classes to be ready for the coursework. They are not concerned about the age of non-science pre-requisites apparently. Are you attending the info session in September? They will review your transcripts there if you attend and bring them with you.
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    I was thinking about attending...I guess I should! Thanks, that helps alot to know about how they view the prereq actually a chiropractor now, and ready to change career paths, for numerous reasons. I took a TON of anatomy and physiology for that program, including gross dissection, and separate classes for physiology of each body system. Some of them are 6 years old at this point, (the first ones I took...) but hopefully they will let me slide on the time limit due to the in depth nature of the courses, and the fact that I passed national boards covering that material towards the end of my DC degree...lets just hope I dont choke on the GRE

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