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Hello All, I am graduating with an undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies. I applied and interviewed at ECU for their MFT program and was not offered a seat. I was sad at... Read More

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    I would think, because of your work, that you would still have a good grasp on Anatomy & Physiology. Hopefully they see it that way too! As long as my babysitter doesn't fall through, I will be there Sept. 23. Maybe I'll see you . Best wishes on your GRE!

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    thank you! I just have to brush up on this new gre test format, and the math! I hate math! i can do it, i just hate it. I am hoping that they will look at it that way too....I had super in depth courses, and then used it everyday since in practice...
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    I feel for you on the new format. I took the old one and am really happy with my first attempt score thank goodness. They had an experimental section with the new math format. It did not look fun (not that any GRE experience is fun). I started to take that section (because you could win $250 if your score most closely matched your real math score), but about 5 minutes into it, I was so burned out from finishing my own test that I decided I really just wanted to find out my own score and get outta there: so I canceled it! Also, I was always a good writer and did well on papers and such, so I made the mistake of not practicing at all for the writing section. I ended up only getting a 4.0, so I highly suggest taking a little time to practice that part.
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    kenthomas- did you attend the information session yesterday? I was there but I forgot about this conversation so I didn't think to look for you.
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    Sorry im just getting back to you. I wasnt able to attend the info session due to other commitments, but got my transcript eval back and they initially wanted me to take anatomy II but when i called them to ask about it, they said they would give me credit for what ive done....and i take the gre in a week...
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    kenthomas.....i am also planning for this lateral entry option.
    Hope this time we will get in....
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    kenthomas- I just realized I never replied to your post. How did your GRE go?
    riturathee- have you applied there before? Best wishes to you!
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    I just took the gre today actually. With the new test it gives the range of your score. I did well on verbal somewhere in the range of 650-700. Math was not so good but not the range of between 550 and hopefully im looking at at least 1200 total. Does anyone know what they require?
    Riturathee-hopefully this one will be evaluated fairly! Did you find out any more about why the low stat people got in and we didnt the the other program?
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    Well i got my gre scores and if i am correct in my conversion from the new scores to old, i got 600 quant, and 590 or 600 verbal, and a 6 on writing, so pretty close to 1200....does anyone know what the average scores of accepted students is? Do i have a shot with these scores?

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