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    Hi, I was just curious as to what some of the current students and or hopefuls have their bachelors degree in. My degree is in clinical laboratory science.

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    Did you hear anything?
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    arnetta79 & cvern55-

    I'm a student in the AE-MSN program, Phase I now. We have 30 students in the program and really a wide array of previous degrees. Examples: Public Health, Biology, Education, Exercise/Sport Science, Child Development, Laboratory Science, Psychology, Marriage/Family Therapy (this one is me).

    If either of you have any questions re: the program feel free to ask me on here or PM me. Have a great one!
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    Hi Carolina Hurricane Fan,

    I am so happy you replied! I am on the waiting list for Fall 2010, which I hope is a good thing. Do you know how far down the waiting list they usually go? Or does everyone who is accepted end up enrolling? They say I may have to wait until August to be called. Also, I don't know if they notify wait-listed people by phone, email, or mail. What if my phone breaks? Did anyone from the wait list hear earlier than August? Thank you SO much!
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    I'm not really sure how far they go down on the wait list to be honest with you. Wish I could tell you but don't wanna give misinformation or anything re: that. But, I can tell that there are a few ppl in my class that were on the wait list and obviously got the notice that they had been bumped up so it absolutely does happen. And no, not everybody that get's accepted to the program actually begins the program. Many ppl apply here but also the ABSN at UNC and/or Duke and there is a few schools in Virginia that do similar programs so it just varies on what their personal decision is once they find out. And, I would say to just keep Student Services at the College of Nursing updated re: your contact information and you'll be good to go in order to get contacted about full admission.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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    I'm in! Just got my letter. I am so excited and i can't wait.
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    Congrats cvern55!

    Can anyone tell me how competitive this program is? What do they look at as far as GPA, test scores, etc. Anything is appreciated! Thanks.
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    I went to one of the information sessions and there were a lot of people present. It is an alternative entry program, and since it is a direct entry into an MSN, it is very unique. Also many of the people applying have been out of school for some time. The presenter said that many of these people have multiple transcripts from various community and 4 year schools. It sounded like many people apply before they have completed all of the prerequisites and completing these before applying may be helpful to you. Go to one of the information sessions. One piece of advice: if you don't apply, the answer is always going to be NO. Good luck!
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    Quote from cvern55
    I'm in! Just got my letter. I am so excited and i can't wait.
    AWESOME! CONGRATS! Any questions or anything, feel free to ask or PM.
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    RE: If either of you have any questions re: the program feel free to ask me on here or PM me. Have a great one!

    Yes, Thanks. I do have a question. Do you remember the date you started classes last year?

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