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Hi, I was just curious as to what some of the current students and or hopefuls have their bachelors degree in. My degree is in clinical laboratory science.... Read More

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    Quote from StephaleighRN
    Yes I am working in a CICU of a smaller hospital than PCMH. I had no trouble fiding a job or transferring around my hospital, thanks to the positive precendence that had been set by the AE students before me. I have heard however that last year's cohort had more trouble just based on the downturn of the economy and a general lack of jobs and some hiring freezes.

    I was in the last year that was assured on admission to get a spot in the concentration we wanted, I understand that has changed drastically. I am currently in the ANP program, exactly where I wanted to be. Everyone in my year passed NCLEX, even though we were scared and threatened that we weren't going to. So don't be frightened when July rolls around and they're trying to force you to strap down, it's not nearly as bad as you'll be expecting! :heartbeat

    My main advice would be to remember that Phase I is a short stop in your journey to Advanced Practice. Don't forget that when you get finished, you'll have a real life waiting on you and sometimes, life just happens and occassionally it's worth it to have a little fun and take care of yourself and your personal life.

    Phase I can be very, very trying and frustrating but for most of us, doesn't begin to compare to Phase II. The professors now don't know me from Adam and don't know that I was smart enough and worked hard enough to be one of those 30 in the AE class, nor do they care for the most part. Many of us have found it helps tremendously to make the trip to Greenville and meet our professors just to worm our way into their heads a little when we need more personalized attention. The online classes take a lot of adjustment but they're doable and just have a little learning curve to figure out the ins and outs of discussion board posts, APA format, and centra sessions (all of which you will become verrry familiar with).

    Sorry for the diatribe! I'm actually up studying for an exam and have had time to reflect (and procrastinate).
    Hello. Thanks so much for the information! I'm hoping to apply to ECU's Alternate program in December.

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    I am attending the ECU AE MSN information meeting in October. I was wondering if I could get a contact email of anyone who is in the program or has completed the program just to see how your experience has been. I have no nursing background and would really like to know how others without a nursing background have done in the program and how prepared they feel for the nursing career after the completion of the degree program. I am excited to attend the meeting but have a few questions. Thanks!
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    I am in the program. I had no nursing experience. This program is for people who have no experience as nurses. However, it would be nice to have some volunteer or observation experience so you know for sure that is what you want to do, and it will help your application. The program is very intensive, but you get your RN in 12 months, and are in a masters program without re-application, so worth it. Good Luck!
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    Did everyone in the class you started with at ECU-AE pass the first semester? We took a test last week, and today were told if we don't pass the re-test, we will be sent home...for good. True or threat? I would like to get some sleep before the re-test. Thanks.
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    CarolinaHurricaneFan and StephaleighRN- I am applying to this program to enter in Fall 2012. I am wondering how Phase II works. Do you have to find your own preceptors or does ECU assist with this? Do you think it is possible to work and complete Phase II in 2 years? I want to work all the way through so I gain some nursing experience. Also, do you get together with any of your "classmates" or is it pretty much every one for him/herself?

    to the OP- I have a BS in Wildlife Science and I have been a stay at home mom for the last 5 1/2 years...
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    Cvern55-- I'm in phase I now (started Fall 2011) and was wondering if you had any advice on which professors to take for classes in the fall of phase II? Also, how many courses did you take and how did you feel it balanced with starting work? I'm thinking 2 classes for now as I don't want to overload myself with so much transition starting! Thanks!

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