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I am in the process of applying for ecu alternate entry msn program, and am frustrated that there don't seem to be any good statistics available regarding accepted students. If any of you have been accepted to this program in... Read More

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    I live near Raleigh. I decided to go to the PA school that I was accepted at instead.

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    CooL...congrats on the pa school! Im in charlotte, so even if mine got mailed the same day as yours, i would probably not get it today. Now ill be sweating
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    oops- sorry to cause you stress- I didn't think about that! I am sure Charlotte takes and extra day or two. They might not mail them all out at the same time too (maybe based on interview day or alphabet....). Thanks for the congratulations- I am pretty excited and after MUCH soul-searching I know this is the right decision for me :spin:
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    The pa route will get you right to the finish line faster. I like the options that exist in the ae-msn program... Ru going to the ecu pa program?
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    No- going to Elon. I like being finished sooner, having more clinical experience, and being able to be more flexible in my practice options. I was also not all that excited that only 2 AE students get into the FNP concentration.
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    I know...though im ok with that or anp...
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    I just got my acceptance letter today!

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