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Hello all! I am just wondering if anyone on here is starting the LPN program at ECPI in Raleigh NC on June 2011? I am really excited, but nervous all at the same time. Well I hope to hear from you all! :)... Read More

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    hi..when is the lpn program start this june 2011? Coz im planning to enroll.

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    i am also interested in the ecpi lpn program but the october class, let me know how you ladies like the program
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    Do not go to ECPI in raleigh. I went there just to get information about the program and the lady got all defensive. I just asked basic questions like the costs, and how many students pass the state exam? She refused to answer. I asked her where they do clinicals; she couldn't answer. So I asked her what if I bomb my TEAS exam would I get in and she told me there were ways around it. She could recommed me and I could go in front of the board and they would decide. This is without even having basic classes like chemistry and anatomy. I was told it wasn't an issue and I wouldn't need it anyway. They will literally take anyone as long as they can get your money because where you work is on the application to apply. Its scary that they really do send people out into the work force like that. That's why a lot of professionals in the area consider it a joke. Plus they get there teachers off of craigslist.....I've seen several posts on there. Go to a CC and get a degree that actually means something around here.
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    Thsts your personal opinion about ECPI. Ive worked with a few nurses that are ECPI grads and they are very good nurses. Dont make a generalization because you feel like you have had a bad experience. There are a lot of CC that arent that good and dont have a NCLEX pass rate that would even be able to compare to ECPI's pass rate. Go to ncbon website and check out the ECPI pass rate.
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    I've talked to several doctors and nurses. As well as students who have gone through the program......they all say the same thing.
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    OK, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please get your facts straight. ECPI-Raleigh has one of the best first time NCLEX pass rates of any school in the area. I know this because A: it's easy to check and B: I graduated from ECPI and breezed through the NCLEX. The school offers an intense accelerated program that is NO JOKE. You have to keep up with your studies or you'll quickly fall behind. The Lab instructor is correctly nicknamed "The Sarge" for being a stickler on correct technique.

    And for the record, I received my job over other applicants simply because I went to school at the ECPI Raleigh campus. My boss said our school has an excellent reputation for turning out knowledgeable nurses. This sentiment is also shared by the staff at the local hospital where I volunteer. As far as the other ECPI campuses, I can't speak to the quality of their curriculum.

    It isn't a perfect school either, I've had my gripes along the way, but I wouldn't change my decision to go there now if I could.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes for your journey!

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    I know it has been a while since the last post but I am starting the LPN program in Raleigh nc at ECPI April 8, 2013. I was just wanting to know if anyone has finished or what they thought about the program?... I have had a great experience so far with ECPI, I'm just hoping that once in the program I feel the same way!
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    Hi Tams! SInce it's been 2 months, just wondering what your thoughts are on the program now? I start in August, pending approval of my WIA grant.
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    Hello everyone. I am possibly going to be starting the LPN course at ECPI in Jan. and was wondering how you all have enjoyed or disliked the program?
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    Are there any current students at ECPI Raleigh? How is it going for you. Are you able to work any during the program?

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