ECPI/MCI Raleigh June 2011 Nursing Student

  1. Hi, I will be attending the Nursing program at ECPI/MCI starting June 2011 and I was just wondering if there is anybody out there with advice for me. I'm so excited! I've been wondering what the class schedules are like (i know there are 2 classes every 5 weeks but how are they grouped?), what school supplies will I need (i've made a list but want to be completely prepared before class actually starts), etc. and so on. Please no negative replies about the school, everyone is entitled to their opinion but i've made my decision about going already. Thanks so much in advance!
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  3. by   annettern2b
    I start June 13th as well...are you doing the night or day program?
  4. by   Mrs.Hardy2011
    Im going to be doing the day program. How about you? I AM SO EXCITED! I know its going to be hectic but I'm so ready to start
  5. by   annettern2b
    I am doing the day schedule as well. I am very nervous as well but ready to start!
  6. by   Mrs.Hardy2011
    Were you at the orientation on April 25th?
  7. by   annettern2b
    Yeah I was there
  8. by   Mrs.Hardy2011
    oh too! The instructor jumped right in2 it! lol...I was like wow they arent joking about this being an accelerated program
  9. by   annettern2b
    Yeah I was sorta expecting that and I am expecting them to be a little intimidating on the 10th (orientation). I guess they have to so they can see who is really going to do this and succeed. I'm sure people applied and thought it was going to be a walk in the park easy way to get their degree.
  10. by   Mrs.Hardy2011
    Yeah i'm expecting that too. I'm excited to meet some(more) fellow classmates.
  11. by   annettern2b
    Me too! I wonder how many are going to be in the day program? There weren't a lot of people at the interview and in my group, two of them were going to be doing the night program.
  12. by   Mrs.Hardy2011
    If thats all the people that are going to be in the day program then we will have a pretty close knit class but i doubt thats all. I guess we will really see how many people will be in the day program at orientation. It's so hard to believe that class starts in less than a month. I wonder how long its going to take for us to get our uniforms, I think we will probably get measured at orientation. I hope they give us a schedule of how exactly they are going to group the classes (i.e freshman orientation and A&P 1 in the first term, etc.)
  13. by   TeeBeeCee
    Hi,I'm starting Oct 4 at the Charlotte is it? Any comments,suggestions,or info would be nice,as I'm so excited I can hardly wait!