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Hi, I will be attending the Nursing program at ECPI/MCI starting June 2011 and I was just wondering if there is anybody out there with advice for me. I'm so excited! I've been wondering what the... Read More

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    If thats all the people that are going to be in the day program then we will have a pretty close knit class but i doubt thats all. I guess we will really see how many people will be in the day program at orientation. It's so hard to believe that class starts in less than a month. I wonder how long its going to take for us to get our uniforms, I think we will probably get measured at orientation. I hope they give us a schedule of how exactly they are going to group the classes (i.e freshman orientation and A&P 1 in the first term, etc.)
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    Hi,I'm starting Oct 4 at the Charlotte is it? Any comments,suggestions,or info would be nice,as I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

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