ECPI may 13 th medical assisting or lpn

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    Just got accepted for the medical assisting program might do lpn though they said if I don't like it then I can switch very excited any one else going

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    I don't know about their LPN program but I heard that it is great. just as if you were going to a community college... very intense program ... but I did attend ECPI medical assistant program graduated in 2007. i know since then things have changed a little bit,, new instructors and maybe a new curriculum...I really enjoyed the program easy and flexible and I graduated top of my class.. But if you plan on going for nursing (RN) in the future I would do LPN...i wish i had did my first time around....
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    okay thanks im starting for medical assisting for other reasons but i was told either way it would work i plan on going to watts school of nursing afterwords and they do not have a lpn to rn program and i dont want to go to a community college for nursing because of the pre reqs i want to get straight in thats why i am doing watts it includes the prereqs
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    hi, I know this post is a few months old, but since I found it I was wondering what did you wind up doing? And if you're going to ecpi, how do you like it?

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