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Hey everyone! I submitted my application to Duke University's ABSN program for fall 2013 a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get some conversation started! Is anyone else applying?!... Read More

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    i think april 8th! I think i am going to be choosing JHU instead so that might open a spot for another on the wait list! good luck to all and god bless!
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    It's so hard to decide. I got accepted to Duke and to a state school out West. I want to go on to a graduate program after I complete the ABSN and the price tag between Duke and the state school for ABSN+Grad is massive. Duke = $127k and State+Local Grad program $45k. I am just at a loss because the State school seems like one of those "you have to make the program work for you" and Duke seemed to offer more guidance. Plus during Duke days when they said some students couldn't finish due to financial reasons, did that mean they didn't get enough scholarships/loans to cover their tuition? As far as tuition reimbursement with Duke, I don't want to commit to 3yrs and not be able to go to the Grad program after at least just one. It's so nerve racking. I have until Monday for the school out West. I'm accepting. But will likely accept Duke too because I really want to be there and in NC. I've got one more interview with an DE-MSN next week. If I lose my $500 with Duke, so be it...sucks but hey...
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    Former Duke grad here:
    As a former ABSNer, I would suggest not coming to Duke. Hard lesson my entire cohort, and even people in other cohorts learned was: our school is way over-priced. I can tell you now, my student loans for Duke ALONE is over 100k after interest. Find another school that is cheaper. It's the same content and I've met great nurses who didn't go to Duke. The incentive Duke has is if you work at the hospital after graduating, they'll reimburse your tuition. What a joke...you'll be looking at getting 30k back after spending more than 55k if you're lucky. Anyone who I've spoken to that went to Duke SON, and its a lot, would say to choose something cheaper. You'll get the exact same education.
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    You'll be lost at Duke as well. Believe me (former grad). Go to a cheaper school. Duke isn't worth it.
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    Wow! Interesting experience. Thanks for sharing dieselpuma. What about trying to take advantage of HRSA loan repayment or ease of applying and getting scholarships? How did they guide you all with the financial aid process? From my understanding, we'll be applying for financial aid throughout the school year. Did you do this? Have time for it? And if so, did you ever get any? How are you paying for your loans now?
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    Anyone else still having a heard time deciding? only a few more days left! Help me!
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    Anyone know if the Facebook group is only the people who are for sure attending or if you could join it and then decline later? Just trying to get a sense of the class size as of this week.
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    I would respectfully disagree with dieselpuma. I am graduating next month (!) from the Duke ABSN program and I feel like it's been worth every penny. The professors are top-notch, the research being done is incredible, and the new building is going to be awesome. I've heard from people who graduated in December and last May that they feel more prepared and ready to hit the ground running at their first job as compared to their peers. I and many of my classmates already have jobs.

    Just my two cents.
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    I am a current Duke student, and overall I think the program is great. HOWEVER....all the current students got an email today from the dean, stating that the tuition reimbursement program for ABSN grads at Duke Hospital has been cancelled effective July 1st.

    Meaning, the people currently in the program (and your cohort) will NOT be eligible for those funds. If you were factoring that $25K + into your admission decisions, you may want to reconsider. They stated that some new grads working in "select areas" of the hospital may be eligible for a different program reimbursing $5K/year for up to two years...otherwise, nada.

    Hopefully someone in admissions will have the integrity to tell you this before you enroll, since they hype the reimbursement so much during Duke Days. I notice they changed the information on the web site, but you might not be checking the DUSON web site at this point in the process. So, letting you know just in case.
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    ooops...meant to say the Loan Repayment program for ABSN grads (not tuition reimbursement)...you knew what I meant...

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