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Hey everyone! I submitted my application to Duke University's ABSN program for fall 2013 a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get some conversation started! Is anyone else applying?!... Read More

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    You get an invitation to join a Facebook group after accepting the admissions offer online.

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    Quote from weidlewd
    I'm in!!! Going to be a tough decision for me to make though- If anyone is still debating on whether or not Duke is worth the debt, please process on here and share your thoughts! The more people I talk to, the more hesitant I feel to take out that amount of money for a nursing degree. I know the tuition reimbursement is great, but after a significant amount is taken out from taxes, it realy isn't all it's made out to be. I am really torn on whether or not this is the best choice for me, but Duke would be such a great experience. HELP!
    Where are you deciding between?
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    I accepted the admissions invitation and haven't seen anything for Facebook . Could you post the link of here?
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    Ah! I'm still in shock I think! :O) I'm 90% sure I'm going but still want to think about it because it is such a huge decision! If we accept the admissions offer, is that permanent if I did happen to change my mind (not likely but I want to be 100%)? Or it's not until we send the check and everything and it's okay to accept now?

    As far as debt...it's terrifying! BUT any ABSN program is going to be incredibly expensive and most of them don't allow you to work because they're so intense and...most of them have no repayment option. A regular program would be a lot cheaper but would take a lot longer and are not cheap either (or easy to get into either). I think it's an investment for the future and it is scary but...not impossible!

    I was also accepted to JHU and while I am waiting on financial aid stuff on the 1st from both schools and while they are obviously both great...I just fell in love with Duke. It does have some repayment option and I've talked to several people there about how they do not regret it, even with the loans! My A and P teacher (who convinced me to apply) thinks that they are both great but that in terms of looking at everything, that Duke is the better choice. That being said, he said he's had students go on to both who have loved both. So it comes down to your gut!
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    Oh and don't forget about some of the other repayment programs not related to the specific school but to nursing in general. I know HRSA is a big one (I think they've changed the name of it...) and there are some others. Something else to think about!
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    Hi Kelseymh---

    I'm def in your position. At this point I'm choosing between UW, Duke, and JHU. My heart is leaning towards JHU because of a scholarship and also their peace corps program. I haven't been to either Duke or JHU, but I am going to JHU accepted student day in April---so I might make a quick trip down to NC if I still don't know by then. For me, it comes down to caliber of program and money.

    What about you? What are your thoughts? For me it is helpful to list a pros/cons list and that way you can get all your fears and thoughts on paper.
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    AnnieBopannie, Duke only gave us until April 9th to decide, and the accepted students day for Hopkins is the 19th...
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    Thanks hopefulnurse24---ha I saw that, but I guess I did not connect the dots yet. Thanks for that reminder.
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    Had to check back in on your big decision day! Congratulations to all! You're going to be awesome, and you're going to love it!!!
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    I got in, too! I live in Raleigh so now I don't have to think about moving. I look forward to meeting everyone in August.

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