Duke University ABSN Fall 2013 - page 15

Hey everyone! I submitted my application to Duke University's ABSN program for fall 2013 a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get some conversation started! Is anyone else applying?!... Read More

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    Everyone go check your email!

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    Got the email! I received an interview
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    I got mine too! SO excited. ProfessorT, refresh your email, like completely close out and re open it. That happened to me as well until I did that.
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    Has anyone else heard? I still haven't received an email either way...
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    I haven't heard either way, despite refreshing. I'm thinking that's not a good sign...
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    haven't heard yet either, did all of your get emails at the exact same time? i wonder how they are doing it, I hope they at least send out rejects tonight too so I know one way or another. congrats to all who heard though! so happy for all of you and wishing you all the best! still hopeful and praying over here!
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    I haven't received an email at all either..
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    I also received an email. Hang in there and keep checking your inbox!!
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    Nothing here yet either...you guys are not alone... Major congratulations to all who got invites!!
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    I just got mine thank you guys for being so supportive! Hang in there!
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