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Hi there- My name is Sandy and I am applying to the Duke ABSN for Spring 2011, just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying? Only 2 months till the deadline and I am trying to get my... Read More

  1. by   chickenlake
    I am also very nervous about what to wear... I hardly ever dress up and suits don't look very flattering on me, but I don't want to be under dressed even in a pair of nice black pants. Please others post what you plan to wear!

    I am interviewing on the 23rd and am so excited to meet all of you! Good luck to those of you interviewing earlier!
  2. by   mowski1214
    Hey, please accept my sincerest apologies if this was asked or mentioned in this thread or somewhere else but I was wondering how long the personal statement should be. I could write ten pages or two. Also, if anyone wants to share the topics/ angle they wrote about, that would be cool too. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

    Congrats to those in the process of being accepted!
  3. by   Yogi Mel
    Hi all
    I also applied for the Duke 2011 Spring entry. I requested my interview for the August 6th date b/c we will be moving on or around the earlier dates. I'm very nervous about the interview, especially if they ask a lot about future plans! There are a few areas I am especially interested in, but honestly, I was hoping to keep a very open mind going into nursing school and really feel out which areas felt most rewarding. That probably sounds to cheesy to share with an interview committee
    I know this has already been asked a few times, but what are you planning to wear? I'm guessing we won't have time to change, but I would really like to wear a nice dress instead of a suit, since I don't have any non-winter suits.
    Well, I guess I better get started on this scholarship/financial aid research. I was hoping I would be able to fill this info out after I find out if I got in, but alas I am behind. I wish I could quit my job to just prep for this 24/7, but I imagine we are all very busy and trying to prep at the same time
    I've really enjoyed reading over this thread and I'm so thankful for all the information that has been shared! You guys are awesome and I hope we will be classmates in the spring!!!
  4. by   ncemt
    This may be nitpicky, but I'm just 22 and right out of college so I'm not 100% sure what's expected in the real world...are pantyhose a must? I'm wearing a (somewhat colorful) skirt with a beige blouse and a black suit jacket on top, and beige flats for shoes. Hopefully it will be dressy enough even though it's not a suit! Any advice on the pantyhose issue would be very much appreciated . Good luck with interviews, everybody!
  5. by   spring2011
    I'm wearing pantyhose. In my experience women wear pantyhose with a skirt. It's going to be so hot, but I'm still going to wear them =/. I'm not sure how professional they want us to look.
  6. by   ncemt
    Thanks so much, spring2011! That's what I was leaning towards, I'd definitely rather err on the side of being overdressed rather than underdressed. Guess I'll see many of you all on Friday, can't wait to meet everybody!
  7. by   azncutie10282
    I also applied to the spring 2011 ABSN program at Duke. I turned in my application 2 days before the deadline, and my recommendation letters were received, but my GRE Score hasn't. I hope this doesn't affect my application. I haven't heard anything. I hope I can get in. My GPA was a 3.0, and my GRE wasn't that high either, but I've been working as a lab tech for 5 years and definitely have some work experience. I hope this will help and hope I hear something soon!
  8. by   glassprn
    Today I found out I am invited for the interview.

    I'm happy and at the same time very nervous already.

    I requested August 6th for my interview b/c next Friday would be too soon for me...=)

    I wish everyone will have a great time!
  9. by   spring2011
    congrats on the interview!!! =)
  10. by   SandyH
    Oh my! I can't believe the 16th is almost here! I'm not sure if I'm ready! Guess I better be! Been so tied up with school that I haven't had the time I would like to prepare for the interview!

    I'm wearing a gray skirt suit with heels....hope the walking isn't to bad! Perhaps I should stuff some flats in my purse just in case! Definitely wear pantyhose (Thigh highs I think might be a little cooler). Question though.... I plan on wearing a white blouse under my suit, but it is sleeveless. Do you think it isappropriate? or not conservative enough? I figure I will have my suit jacket on for the interview, but wanted something a little cooler if we are walking around outside. What do you guys think?

    Also, wanted to ask if anyone has gotten any additional information since the interview email? Didn't know if they had sent anything on interview times or if we find out when we get there?
  11. by   Yogi Mel

    i wouldn't worry about it. i called the office a few weeks before the deadline to ask about supplemental information and they said it was okay for it to trickle in as long as the application was submitted on time. when did you take the gre? i think the web site said a combined gre score of 1000 was okay (or probably somewhere around there).

    i'm planning on wearing a skirt, casual suit coat, panty hose, and nice flats. i'm also planning to only wear the suit coat for the interview. hopefully, i'll have time during a break to lock it in my car. i have no idea if we will have the interviews in the morning or afternoon. hopefully, some of the ladies that go on the 16th will feel generous in sharing advice :d


    go for the hose! you can always ditch them later (maybe).


    congrats! i'll see you on the 6th
  12. by   mass234
    Just wanted to wish everyone who is interviewing tomorrow-- Best of Luck!!! I know you will all do wonderfully. I'll be interviewing on the 23rd and really can't wait to meet some of you, see Duke's campus and visit Durham (let alone North Carolina) for the very first time!

    What an exciting adventure that is beginning!
  13. by   Yogi Mel
    I'm so excited for everyone today that I can hardly pay attention!! Good luck future nurses I hope everything is going well!!

    And I just have to add this is the most ridiculous Smilie ever: