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Hi there- My name is Sandy and I am applying to the Duke ABSN for Spring 2011, just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying? Only 2 months till the deadline and I am trying to get my personal statement finished,... Read More

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    when I try to log in the page just stays the same and erases where I typed in the password
    I've tried on different computers and it still won't work =(

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    I just logged on with no problems. Not sure what is going on for you?
    I always go to the website via a link in an email that I received when I started my application. I'm posting the link for you...might be silly, but who knows it might work worth a try!

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    it still wouldn't let me. I tried logging in too many times so now they have suspended my account ...so I emailed tech support...lol
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    Sorry Spring....
    One of those days, huh?
    Hang in there, hopefully they will get it fixed pretty fast!
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    haha yeah it has been one of those days...
    luckily tech support just emailed me and I got everything straightened out!! I can see now where all that info is about what is received and whatnot...I couldn't see it a couple of days ago
    thanks for y'alls help!
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    Hey guys! My last recommendation was submitted last night and I just received the interview email! They sure do work quick! =)
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    I was asked for an interview as well, within 25 minutes of the completion of my application! I still haven't heard back from the appointment scheduler though...
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    I just heard back from the appointment scheduler. Do you know if we are allowed to bring someone with us? At other interviews I've had we were allowed to bring one guest. I'm just curious
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    Congrats Spring and TinyD!!

    What day are you guys interviewing? I requested the 16th (and the 23rd as my second choice).
    I got my confirmation on Thursday and I got the 23rd, so I am guessing maybe the 16th filled up already?

    Hopefully somebody else will be there the 23rd with me! No biggie, it gives me an extra week to prepare!
    Interviews make me nervous! Especially knowing how heavily Duke weighs it!
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    My interview is on the 16th. I don't know how I squeezed into one of the last slots. I normally wouldn't care , but it's the only weekend in the SUmmer 2 session where I don't have an exam the following Monday. Luckily summer school only runs Mon-Thurs so I won't miss any class.. Congrats on the interview!!

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