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Hi there- My name is Sandy and I am applying to the Duke ABSN for Spring 2011, just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying? Only 2 months till the deadline and I am trying to get my... Read More

  1. by   spring2011
    Hey guys! My last recommendation was submitted last night and I just received the interview email! They sure do work quick! =)
  2. by   *PaintedSky*
    I was asked for an interview as well, within 25 minutes of the completion of my application! I still haven't heard back from the appointment scheduler though...
  3. by   spring2011
    I just heard back from the appointment scheduler. Do you know if we are allowed to bring someone with us? At other interviews I've had we were allowed to bring one guest. I'm just curious
  4. by   SandyH
    Congrats Spring and TinyD!!

    What day are you guys interviewing? I requested the 16th (and the 23rd as my second choice).
    I got my confirmation on Thursday and I got the 23rd, so I am guessing maybe the 16th filled up already?

    Hopefully somebody else will be there the 23rd with me! No biggie, it gives me an extra week to prepare!
    Interviews make me nervous! Especially knowing how heavily Duke weighs it!
  5. by   spring2011
    My interview is on the 16th. I don't know how I squeezed into one of the last slots. I normally wouldn't care , but it's the only weekend in the SUmmer 2 session where I don't have an exam the following Monday. Luckily summer school only runs Mon-Thurs so I won't miss any class.. Congrats on the interview!!
  6. by   SandyH
    I hear ya! I start my Summer II classes on the 30th and I am hoping that here aren't any conflicts!

    So, has anyone heard anything about the interview process? are they one-on-one? panels? etc?

    Think I might have to go searching old boards!
  7. by   *PaintedSky*
    Sandy, I've skimmed some of the past dialogue and it looks like it's a one on one interview. Also, I've read that the person interviewing you has NOT looked at your transcripts, letters of rec, nor personal statement! I think they ask basic and broad questions...
  8. by   *elmo*
    Hi everyone! I've been following this thread for a few months and just decided to join!

    I'm applying for Spring 2011 as well and am progressively getting more excited about the possibility of going to Duke. However, I'm Canadian and am a little unsure about how to write the personal statement. In Canada, most admission essays are quite formal... but I'm getting the impression this should be a little more personal. Is that right?? I'm struggling and only have a few more days left!

    p.s. Congrats to everyone who has received an interview already!!
  9. by   LalaBelle
    Hey SandyH. If I were you I would give the even coordinator a call. The thing is I did choose July 16th for my interview. However, the confirmation email which they sent it to me told me that I will have an interview on 23rd. So I gave her a call to ask about what exactly the day that I will have my interview. She told me that I will join the interview on July 16th session but she forget to change the date on the email she sent out ..

    She said that July 16th still available and they have 48 seats for each day interview.

    If I were you I would make sure because even the document that enclose with the email she sent me is for people who apply for NP program so ..

    Good luck everybody
  10. by   spring2011
    I noticed that too! I got the attachment for another program
  11. by   SandyH
    Thanks LalaBelle!

    I got the attachment for another program as well! I had told her I wanted the 16th, but said the 23rd would be my second choice (so I just thought maybe the 16th was filled up). I'm gonna call on Monday and verify the date. I'd hate to not show up if I'm scheduled! Did you call M or S?

    Welcome Elmo!
    I think most of us were having difficult with the personal statement. It can be kinda hard to get everything in that they want. My suggestion would to make sure it is very well written (punctuation, spelling etc) and include all of the specific information they asked for. Just be yourself...I really think they want to know who you are! Good Luck to you!
  12. by   LalaBelle
    I called S, the event coordinator
  13. by   SandyH
    Got it all figured out!

    I will be at Duke Days on the 16th, as well!