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Hi there- My name is Sandy and I am applying to the Duke ABSN for Spring 2011, just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying? Only 2 months till the deadline and I am trying to get my... Read More

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    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I got my interview email today!!! YAAAYYYY!! I am so excited!

    My last transcript got there yesterday and I found out today that I got an interview, so they really keep on top of things there!

    How is everyone doing with their applications? Good luck!

    Man I love these little emoticons! LOL!

    Anyway, I requested the 16th for my interview. Maybe we can meet up Lalabelle? It would be nice to have someone there that I "know."

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    Sandy! Congrats!!!! How exciting it is!!!

    You will be great. Good luck =)

    I wish I will be in your shoes soon. haha
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    Wow! Did all of your letters arrive before you were notified of the interview?? CONGRATS!!
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    SandyH... Congratulation!! Defiantly!! It would be nice to see you on the interview day.

    Goodluck everybody!!!
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    IS our application status "INCOMPLETE" until a decision has been made? I don't believe I am missing anything....
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    where does it tell you if it is incomplete or complete?
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    spring 2011: once you submit your application, you should be able to see all your application materials and whether or not they have been received yet. above that information you should see your "application status" and it will either say complete or incomplete.

    tiny dancer: if you think all your materials should be there, and it still says incomplete, i would call.
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    thank you!
    I'm having issues logging into the application right now...is anybody else?
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    What seems to be your problem Spring?? Are you getting error messages? My is working fine..
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    Thanks everyone!

    I am thrilled, but nervous all over again!

    All of my recommendations were complete, everything was done when I got the notification of interview. My application still says INCOMPLETE. The only thing that isn't there are my test scores, but I didn't have to take the GRE cause my GPA was high enough. If everything is complete though and you don't hear anything within a couple of days, I would call M.

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