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Hi all! Just wanted to start a thread for the people applying to duke for the fall of 2012. I am super excited/nervous to be filling out the application! I know that there are others out there... Read More

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    I had a Humanities/Languages major with a science minor, so nothing really related to nursing, ha ha. I always knew I wanted to go into healthcare but just wasn't sure what... I'm taking two pre-reqs this semester and one next semester. What did you study?

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    Econ major in the house!!! I took time off after undergrad and taking care of my grandfather who passed away. After clearing my head, I started volunteering with hospice and became interested in healthcare. I debated which field within medicine would be right for me. I went back and forth between nursing school to ultimately get my MSN or medical school. Nursing won out.
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    I think you made the right choice. I actually just graduated from undergrad in May, but I am so ready to get the ball rolling again... This "transitional period" is majorly awkward! Ha. But I just wanted to be sure I was getting into the right thing so taking a year off was a good thing.

    Also - sorry if we're majorly spamming people's inboxes - I know I get an email every time someone updates this thread so I'm sure some people are like "whaaat" right now, ha ha.
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    This thread is still young so hopefully there aren't many people who would be annoyed. I forgot about the collateral damage our barrage of posts would bring.
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    Yes, I was actually expecting more people to come out of the woodwork since the deadline is getting closer... but I know a lot of people probably like to lurk (heck, I like to lurk, ha ha). But I'm glad I got to "talk" to someone on here! My family doesn't want to hear it anymore, lol. Too stressful!
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    I'm wondering what the labor market is like for Duke grads. I would think the clinical exposure one gets from the outset makes us (hopefully) more likely to get an entry level job than another BSN graduate. That's why Duke is my top choice. There is an oversaturation of RN grads, especially from 2 year RN programs. I think we are doing the right thing by applying here.
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    I completely agree - the clinical hours (896!) alone are amazing. The ppt from the info session says that 93.5% of graduates are employed in nursing within 6 months of graduation... Sounds pretty solid to me! Now if we can just master the getting in part of the equation...
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    Most definitely. This next month will fly by. "If" we get an interview, then we should do the same interview day!!! In another bit of terrific news, Coach K become the all time winningest coach in college basketball history!!! I would by lying if I didn't say that part of my love for Duke has to do with Duke basketball.
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    Most def!! It would be great to "know" someone going into it - hopefully I wouldn't be as nervous then. Sir, you and I might have a problem on our hands... my heart bleeds a different shade of blue.
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    I wouldn't admit that on a Duke thread...

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