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Hi all! Just wanted to start a thread for the people applying to duke for the fall of 2012. I am super excited/nervous to be filling out the application! I know that there are others out there... Read More

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    Quote from dancergirl185
    Hi everyone! Does anyone know if there is a way to check to make sure that our transcripts/GRE scores were actually received by Duke? I have confirmation from my school that they were sent, however no way to check with Duke. Any ideas? Thanks!
    Once you submit your application, you will receive confirmation that it has been received and that it is complete. This will be shown as soon as you log into the online application. It will tell you what is complete and what is not.

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    Great, thank you!
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    You can also call the office and have them check for you - I did that several times before submitting the app (and realizing that it would tell me everything was complete, ha ha).
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    It would be interesting to know the admissions statistics for admitted applicants....average GPA specifically.
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    You're in luck... I just found the PowerPoint we got at the info session. For the ABSN Class of Fall 2011:

    68 people total (this number varies a lot - for Spring 2011 it was 93 people and for Fall 2010 it was 62 people)
    Mean age: 27.4 years (range 21-58)
    Average GPA: 3.598
    Average GRE: 1227

    The GPAs for the older classes weren't given, otherwise I would post those too... Looks like the class is always about 9% male, and obviously everyone comes in with really diverse majors (the slides listed them out, but that is a lot to type, ha ha). Crazy to think we might be hearing about interviews in a month! Aaahhh! Fingers and toes crossed.
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    Male applicant here. Nearly 10%, sounds good. Hopefully a 3.68 gpa + working on a Duke clinical research project + 1.5 years of clinical experience as a hospice patient volunteer = a wonderful e-mail/christmas present from that wonderful admissions lady. I elected not to take the GRE right now. I'm sure there will be a lot of terrific applicants. Phalanges crossed!
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    Dang, you sound good to me (and being male doesn't hurt either- ha). I'm female, so we shall see... A happy admissions email would be the BEST Christmas present ever! I didn't have to take the GRE either. Good luck y'all!
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    I just got engaged on top of it, so what a terrific e-mail/christmas present/engagement gift it would be, hahaha. I'm glad I did not have to take the GRE and I am sure you are too. I plan on going the MSN route, either NP or CRNA so it will be a must down the road.
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    Wow, an email would be the icing on the cake for you! That is so exciting. Getting into school is my first goal, so I really haven't given much thought to the grad programs yet. I'm also applying to UNC's BSN program for May, so I've been working on stuff for that now that my Duke stuff is in. It would be great to get some (hopefully positive) feedback from Duke in December. I try not to think about it too much, lol. Don't want to get my hopes up/jinx anything!
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    What did you study for undergrad? If I do not get into Duke this time, then I certainly plan on re-applying and looking at UNC.

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