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Hi all! Just wanted to start a thread for the people applying to duke for the fall of 2012. I am super excited/nervous to be filling out the application! I know that there are others out there... Read More

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    About the application - she just said that you can't share too much as far as your resume goes (we upload it, so that's convenient because you can add a lot of details) and to talk about medical experience you've had in the personal statement questions (but I think that is a given, ha ha). I am liking the three question thing over the regular personal statement because it gives more direction, but I agree with you about the 250 word limit - is that about a page double spaced for each? 3/4 of a page? Geez. I am thinking the Spanish pathway too because the research path sounds like it can snowball into a ton of work - a few of the students there were doing that. I like languages but I was never into Spanish, so I would be starting out in the lowest level for sure! LOL... The overall vibe was really good, and everybody (the professors and the students) seemed really happy to be there. The students were diverse - one girl was a mom, two people were in their third semester, one guy was a chef for 10 years before switching fields, several of them are doing some of the graduate programs, etc. One of the girls was saying how expensive it was (ha) but that it was worth it, and they talked about how much they studied. No one there really kills themselves trying to do all the reading/get straight As, so that was refreshing to hear. You can do clinical experiences abroad, but the male student was like you have to pay out of pocket for those, so I got the vibe that not many people go on them because of that. I am working on the app too... Glad they don't do rolling admissions so we at least have quite a bit of time to prepare everything! Good luck on the GRE - I am sure you'll do great!

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    Thank you for all the info! The GRE was killer! Hopefully my score wasn't too low so that I don't have to take it again. Now I just have to finish my application! Ahhh i'm so nervous about submitting it. I definitely have to update my resume, especially if it can be super detailed. I also have to send my transcripts. Do you know if we can send them before we submit our app? I wasn't sure if we had to do it at the same time or not. I cant believe it's almost the deadline to turn it in!!
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    I think everything just has to get there by December 1st, so I don't think it matters when you send them... I need to do that too!

    Also - the essay limit is actually 1250 characters (including spaces) which is more like 230 words... They obviously want you to get right to the point! Ha.
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    I am also applying to the Fall 2012 ASBN program. I am from the Boston area and I am mostly applying to direct-entry MSN programs, but I think I really will like Durham. I have a double bachelor's in psychology and communication and I am currently a teacher for kids with autism. I have taken the GRE twice for other schools, but I think it might be waived at Duke because of my GPA. I have to contact them to be sure because that GPA is from the school I transferred to and not from both schools combined.

    Good luck everyone!!!!
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    wow, i am glad i found this forum....did they give the stats of how many people get in /how many apply? Did they talk about experience being important? I have really good GPA, letters of rec, but not really any experience.... I wonder what my chances are. I am also from California and going to duke means my husband transferring law schools but he is hoping to do that anyway. Did any of the student panel not have any experience in the medical field? I mean it is a program for people switching careers right? I have also never heard of their spanish pathways vs research is that on the website?
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    I was told for last Fall that 405 people applied and around 70 got in... Eeek. Trying not to think too much about numbers. There were definitely a few people on the thread for the class that starts this January who had no health experience, so I'm assuming it's more of a helps you if you have it/doesn't hurt you if you don't thing. They did say at the session that they recruit in California because the nursing system there isn't great (waiting lists and stuff), and a few of the students who spoke were from California. The Spanish vs. Research pathway was only on the website in the context of the course curriculum (what your class schedule would look like if you did each path) - at least, that's all I have found!
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    yeah california is intense, but still alot of places are on a point system, which makes it atleast more predictable if you are going to get in or not..thanks for the stats thats a little crazy, but maybe equal chances of my husband being able to transfer law schools so we'll see!
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    Hi Everyone! I'm applying Duke's ABSN program for the Fall 2012 semester as well. I'm still a bit nervous however whether or not the Fall is the best time due the number of applications they receive. I'm hoping my professional background speaks for itself. I have worked for 5 years post graduate school as a health educator and in health disparities research at UNC. While no direct patient care or medical experience, I do a Master of Public Health degree (thankfully I'm exempt from taking that dreadful GRE again!)

    Good luck to all!
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    I'm a Duke ABSN 2012 hopeful! Good luck to all. It's a hard wait, but it will be worth it in December if we get that e-mail.
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    Hi everyone! Does anyone know if there is a way to check to make sure that our transcripts/GRE scores were actually received by Duke? I have confirmation from my school that they were sent, however no way to check with Duke. Any ideas? Thanks!

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