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    I am thinking about continuing my nursing career. I have been a cna for years and after a ba in sociology with a minor in substance abuse. I feel academically a MSW material doesn't excite me like science does. My dream would be a public health nurse or substance abuse nurse. I live approx 25 min from fayetteville tech, bladen county tech, and robeson community college. Hands down, I know ftcc is the best, but they require two chemistry and two bio and they are probably harder to get into. The other colleges only require a and p and micro. I have already completed the social science, computer, and liberart portion of the degree. I graduated from UNCP and love the school, but it's 45 min away. Does it matter which cc I attend to get a ADN before I go back to UNCP for the BSN? Or hands down do all I could to get my bsn first which consist of 2 chem, micro, college algebra, and 2 a and p? I'm pretty sure they all use nursing facilities around the fayetteville, lumberton, and laurinburg area to do clinicles. One program for LPN actually does some clinical in South Carolina. What should I consider. Fayetteville state university is around the corner, but I would have to take stats over and two spanish classes ohhh no.

    I have been in school for 4 years and need to work full time while I do my prereq one at a time. It will take me a little longer to get the BSN, and the university is farther. Would an adn or BSN make a diffence? I know nurses have to start out almost the same in order to get your skills up to par?
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