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Hi everyone! I am getting very nervous about receiving an acceptance letter into a nursing program. I have applied for the adn and lpn programs at DCC. I am finishing up my application at Forsyth... Read More

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    I attended a health information session last fall and the facilitator told me that the number of admits for the ADN program varies from year to year, but that it's usually around 40. The LPN program admits 20.
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    I'm alternate #7 for the lpn program at DCCC. I'm waiting to hear from Forsyth tech about their lpn program and getting my application ready for GTCC's lpn deadline April 9th.
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    Only 40 students were accepted for ADN at DCCC I'm alternate #40. If only they accepted 80. :/ LPN accepted 20 students. I guess alternate #7 is not that bad. I did get a packet with forms to fill out if space opens up and my alternate # is called.
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    Hello. I was applying to DCCC as well. I checked the mail yesterday but only heard back from the RN program- alternate #33. I did not get any info from the LPN program I was wondering if you had both your Anatomy classes done. I am taking Bio 166 right now and I did not know if that would affect me getting into the LPN or not.
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    I'm actually in Bio 166 currently as well. Did you apply for both programs?
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    #33 was better than me for adn :/
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    Yea, I am in 166 right now.. applied for both programs. But its now Monday and the mail has already ran. Still no word from the lpn program
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    That's really weird because another girl & I received both letters the same day
    . I would call DCCC.
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    Do y'all know how many people usually apply to DCCC?

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