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CPR certification

  1. 0 Hey Ya'll,

    Hope everyone is doing great! I am going to start my CNA classes next month and we need to be CPR certified within 2 weeks of the first day of class. I thought I would knock that out now since am free most of the days. Have any of you heard of South Eastern Emergency Equipment http://www.seequip.com/ ?
    They are charging slightly less for a BLS course which is what I need. This is the Healthcare provider CPR course.

    I have also done my research on the American Red Cross site, I thought I would just ask around before I registered for this class.

    Thanks a lot everyone!
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    Hi there! I just took the BLS class last week at Wake Tech. I actually thought it was fun. It was $85 total and that includes your book and your face mask which you get to take home with you. I looked around at some other places and the price didn't seem any better once you combine the cost of the class and the book and mask, so I went ahead and chose Wake Tech since I'm taking their CNA program.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Hii CarolinaGirl1112, thank you for the suggestion. I have already signed up for a BLS CPR class in the southeastern emergency equipment place. I checked their prices, it was lower than every other place. They sent me a mail saying they would ship me a book too. I hope it is worth all the research I put into finally settling for this. I was almost ready to just go to WakeTech too! I am starting my CNA classes in WakeTech soon too.