CNA with criminal background

  1. 0 Hello everyone..

    I will be finishing my CNA I along with my med. tech, and monitor tech in a few months. I have a criminal history which was back in 2002 and I have walked a straight line since then. I was young and it was a foolish mistake. I informed my instructor of this since I will be looking for a job soon and she informed me that I could get a waiver that would allow me to work in a health care setting. Does anyone know where I would apply or for this waiver or if the state of NC allows you to do so. All states do not allow this (this is what I have been told).

    I would also like to know would I be able to be licensed as a CNA and Med. Tech.

    p.s. the charge was not violent, drug related, or theft.

    Thanks in advance for the help and advice.

    Be blessed...
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    The only one who can answer this is the NCBON. You need to contact them directly. Best wishes to you.

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