CNA 1--where to work,pay,hours

  1. Hello there,I am starting a CNA 1 course in a few weeks and wondering about jobs after I am done in July. I live in Pinehurst and trying to figure out where I could apply with a CNA 1. I am reading that NC is different than other states as far as CNA work. Can a level 1 work at a hospital? I heard that only level 2s can work in a hospital. I'm also wondering what are typical hours and pay rates? My monthly bills total about $1,070 (i live with my boyfriend, no kids) but I would obviously like to have some cushion. I have in mind I'll probably need a waitressing job to make up the difference. I'm applying for te ADN program at SCC for fall 13 so I'd be working as a CNA for a little over a year (actually probably while I'm in nursing school also).
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  3. by   mrsmommy
    I dont know anything about Pinehurst but CNAs in nursing homes make in the range of $12-15/hr from what I have been told. You may be on the higher end of that by working nights/weekends since a lot of people prefer days. If you work 40 hours a week you will be able to pay your bills but depending on how much cushion you want will determine if you take on extra shifts or get a second job.

    Most of the jobs that I have seen at the hospitals require 3 yrs min experience for CNAs (1 or 2). If you know someone that works at the hospital or has a contact I would see if you can get your foot in the door that way. Its really hard to get on at the hospitals without experience or knowing someone.

    In the meantime you could check out nursing homes or home healthcare companies and get some experience under your belt!

    Good Luck!!
  4. by   mrsmommy
    Also, hospitals typically have 12 hour shifts and the nursing homes/home healthcare have more of the 8-10 hr shifts. All have days, nights, and weekends, PRN or combo of those!

    Yes, CNA 1 can work at a hospital but like I said above you'll probably have to get some experience under your belt first unless you know someone!