Cape Fear Valley Hospital residency program

  1. I will be graduating from nursing school on December 10th, doing the Hurst review the following week, studying myself silly for a couple of weeks, and taking the NCLEX as close to New Year's as possible.

    My first job interview was for the Cape Fear Valley Hospital nurse residency program and I got it. It seems like an awesome program, but I was wondering if anyone had personal experience with it and could tell me what to expect?

    Also I'm really nervous about the NCLEX so wish me luck, ya'll!!!
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  3. by   LDRNMOMMY
    I worked at CFV when I lived in NC, but did not participate the in nurse residency program. I wish you the best of luck! What unit will you be working on?
  4. by   AndreaM

    Did you start yet? I am applying for the med-surg residency and wanted to know how you were doing. Also after the residency what unit did you go to? Did you get a choice or did they just stick you somewhere? I definatley don't want to accept and then not have a choice as to where I work. I applied for an overnight shift in the Women's Pavillion and the recruiter contacted me stating that the unit does not take new grads and that I need to apply for a residency program. If anyone else has any insight please respond! Thanks
  5. by   UcStudentNurse
    I just submitted my application for this program starting Feb. I had a great conversion with the recruiter and she sent me the "packet" to fill out and return. It sounded positive that I may get an interview so fingers crossed. How was the interview process for you guys and do did you feel like the program was a good choice?