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hey cfcc students has anyone applied for the upcoming fall 2013 admission?... Read More

  1. by   CFCC13
    Hey everyone,

    I called CFCC today and they said we should receive emails for point count review around the middle of the month. They also said once point count review is over they will send out acceptance/denial letters a week or two later! Hopefully we will all find out by the end of the month! Good luck everyone!
  2. by   RNEMT13
    Hey guys!

    I believe I am sitting at a 316, not too happy about that since I saw what they took last year but, I heard all 20 of the alternates got in (not to mention they said at the interest meeting that if you are an alternate and sit through orientation they will do whatever it takes to get you in). I am hoping they send point count dates out soon because I took the PSB last year and I want to see what my combined score is! I haven't completed all pre-reqs but I have done majority of them. Good luck to all!
  3. by   mmtnurse7
    Point count review next week! I'm excited
  4. by   CFCC13
    mmtnurse7, did you get an email saying point count was this week ?
  5. by   Blondiegirl
    I went for my point count today and have a 345 I'm hoping to get in with that. I was told 239 people are in the pool. They are accepting 70 right?
  6. by   CFCC13
    Yes they are taking 70 this year! I am going in for review today and I believe I am sitting right around 345 also! Last year students got in with this count but they are also taking 10 less people than last year so it makes me nervous!
  7. by   Blondiegirl
    Oh wow I thought they took 70 last time too. That does make me nervous. But at least there are less people to be up against this year!
  8. by   mmtnurse7
    No, no email, just a letter in the mail, I went in on Monday, she said the acceptance letters should be sent out by Monday the 25! I'm hoping they are sent out Friday, because I'd love to have something to celebrate this weekend!
  9. by   Blondiegirl
    What are everyone's scores looking like? I wish they would mail the letters by the weekend! That would be so awesome because the wait is killing me.
  10. by   CFCC13
    That's weird -I got a letter in the mail for point count review last year but this year I got an email only. They also told me today we would get letters by the 1st week in April at the latest! Hopefully it's not that long! Considering Thursday is the last day for count review! I wonder why each counselor says something a little different? Good luck everyone!
  11. by   mmtnurse7
    CFCC13-Are you already a student at cape fear? I'm not, so if you are, that could be why you got an e-mail and I got a letter....
  12. by   mmtnurse7

    I'm actually sitting at 381, I thought I had a couple more points, but found out ACA 111 only counts if you take it at CFCC..... how bout you? I'm hoping to meet some people that I'll have classes with before we start in August!
  13. by   Blondiegirl

    I'm actually a student at UNCW but hoping to get into cape fears ADN program this year. I'm very nervous though because I have 345 points and I just hope thats enough! I have been reading about people in the past getting in with 338 and such but I know they are accepting 10 less people this year. However, the number of people in the applicant pool is less too.. so fingers crossed! This whole wait for the letter is consuming my mind!