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hey cfcc students has anyone applied for the upcoming fall 2013 admission?... Read More

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    Yes I appreciate the encouragement. If I had earned a perfect score it would make it easier. I unfortunately did not get the perfect score but did well overall with a 643. However, I only have 16 points in pre-reqs. Adding everything and then cutting it in half I am at 329.5. And you are correct I noticed others getting in last year with a 338. In reading posts from last year many alternates got in as well so we will just have to wait and see what happens from here. At this point there is nothing more I can do but wait for the point count and see where I am at after that.

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    Where do you some of you stand with your point counts if you don't mind sharing your psb and pre-req totals?
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    golferguync, from reading about past point totals, you may make the alternate list, and it seems like many/all of them make it into class......I am sitting at 383, I've taken and gotten an A in every class that you can get points for and also did well on the PSB
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    Hey everyone,

    I called CFCC today and they said we should receive emails for point count review around the middle of the month. They also said once point count review is over they will send out acceptance/denial letters a week or two later! Hopefully we will all find out by the end of the month! Good luck everyone!
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    Hey guys!

    I believe I am sitting at a 316, not too happy about that since I saw what they took last year but, I heard all 20 of the alternates got in (not to mention they said at the interest meeting that if you are an alternate and sit through orientation they will do whatever it takes to get you in). I am hoping they send point count dates out soon because I took the PSB last year and I want to see what my combined score is! I haven't completed all pre-reqs but I have done majority of them. Good luck to all!
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    Point count review next week! I'm excited
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    mmtnurse7, did you get an email saying point count was this week ?
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    I went for my point count today and have a 345 I'm hoping to get in with that. I was told 239 people are in the pool. They are accepting 70 right?
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    Yes they are taking 70 this year! I am going in for review today and I believe I am sitting right around 345 also! Last year students got in with this count but they are also taking 10 less people than last year so it makes me nervous!
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    Oh wow I thought they took 70 last time too. That does make me nervous. But at least there are less people to be up against this year!

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