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Hi all, I have posted a few times about my worries on getting into a nursing program and just wanted to share that I got accepted to Watts School of Nursing in Durham. I am so excited and I was... Read More

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    Hi proach, first paragraph was about medical condition something got to do with muscles, and second was about physical exam for elementary kid.. something like that. Hot soup, I heard some constant flipping paper now I know it was you. Hope you guys did well got a pass in 2 weeks.

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    Oh, I took the booklet number 8.
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    Hi all,
    I took the test in October and thank God I passed the first go round... When I saw the test i actually got a sense of relief. I think I kind of overstudied. One thing that I did do was skip most of the math...math is my strong subject but the problems just seem to time consuming. Just think positive about your results!!! If you dnt past the first time you can always take it again!!!!
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    That awesome hrdwknmom! I took it on Oct 20. When did you take it? I also skipped most of the math. I think I was able to answer like 80 questions that way. How well did you score on the reading comp and what did you think of it? Did you read the questions first and then find the answers?
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    sorry prcoach I lied I took it in november....seem like so long ago..November 8th to be exact and already im on the background check process... I scored in the 76% on the reading comp...not all that good but good enough to get by. The majority that I did answer were correct. I actually skimmed the passages then answered the questions so I had an idea where to find the answers.
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    I don't think I've ever taken a test where I honestly don't know how I did other than the nclex! But I agree that the info on Watts website is totally misleading. I thought there was going to be some vocational adjustment questions and there weren't any. I think the other websites I looked at prepared me better for the exam than the recommended book. @prcoach, I do believe it's the same test. One girl sat for the first part with us and left after she was done. I also think the booklets are the same questions just in a different order, hence the numbers on the front? But I could be wrong! Good luck to you all from yesterday, this its gonna be a long two weeks but a great christmas present if I pass!
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    I hope you have the perfect Christmas present in your mailbox soon too! I agree, first time I ever truly didn't know how i did on a test. I left thinking I had blown the first part so I was a little surprised when I learned I passed it with flying colors but not Part 2. That sucked!
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    Hi all....

    I took the admission test Monday...I was expecting it to be hard because I have read all these forums....but wow! I am really not sure if I passed or not, I was moving fast, but I am not even sure what number I got through on the first part it ended so suddenly! I got through most of the second part.... I think I spent too much time on the math though on the first part. I am so nervous I want my results now! I hate waiting to find out!!!! I was recently laid off and I really want to go to Watts!
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    Hey Wasadoggynurse! I felt the same way about it. Turned out for me that I worried so much that I failed part 1 that it was part 2 that I failed because I couldn't concentrate. I am set to test again Jan 24th.
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    Man well at least you passed one of the you have to take the whole test again or just the part you failed? How many questions of part one did you think you completed? I am not even sure how many I did because it ended so quickly. I know I skipped a couple math bec they seemed to take to too long, but a couple I did answer. I got almost through paragraph 2 on the reading section but not the whole thing. Yeah, I also had a hard time concentrating on the second part. Good luck on the 24th, I hope I don't have to test again, but I have no idea what to expect from these test scores. I hope I get them before Christmas!

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