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Hi all, I have posted a few times about my worries on getting into a nursing program and just wanted to share that I got accepted to Watts School of Nursing in Durham. I am so excited and I was wondering if any Watts students... Read More

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    What did she do what was weird?

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    She just said ok time is up pass your booklets down use the elevators you came up on and thank you for testing! It was just so dry lol
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    Hi proach and livinlife4,

    Aren't you so sweet! Thanks you two, I feel much better now. Livinlife4, I think she's weird too, because she did not tell us how many question in each part and I was in rush so my draft paper coverd the most of it I though only 30 questions, when looked at the answer sheet again I saw like over 100 question... OMG.. I ran like marathon.. hope you guys did well.
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    I think that if I hadn't found this forum before I took my test I would have been just as lost as you were. The information on the WATTS website is very misleading as is the book they suggest you work out of. I asked a ton of questions and read through everyone else's posts about their experiences. Unfortunately I have been out of the learning arena for over 25 years so I was not in the testing groove. Can I ask you guys this question: Was the first reading passage about some invention, and the second passage about a program in an elementary school or something like that? I am just wondering if i will be taking the same test again.
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    I took the test yesterday also. Ive been studying the book since March and have been trying to get a sit date for 4 months! I am glad its over, not bad at all for the first part. My only regret was spending so much time on the math questions. I answered 73 on the first part. I didnt look at the clock and in hindsight I wish I would have because I feel like I could have finished the test with better time management. There should have also been a 5 minute warning IMO. The second part, I was mindblown. I honestly cant think of a way to attack the passage and answer the questions correctly within the alloted time. I did answer all of the questions but only because I kept my eye on the clock and did some half educated guessing on the questions. The one passage on the right side and questions on the other is just wrong! Flipping back and forth, back and forth LoL. Anyways, I hope everyone did well. I feel as if I did ok on the first part but the 2nd is a coinflip as I guessed on probably 20 questions.

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    Hey HotSoup,
    I am totally with you on that test, the lack warning and that stupid passage with the page flipping. Was that the one with the invention??? Here is what we need to do for the reading should you have to sit for it again: The consensus is to first read the questions and then skim the passage and look for answers. To be honest, this does NOT work for me. The questions are like Greek for me- they bare no meaning whatsoever without having read or skimmed the passage. This is why I am struggling with my retest. I caught a cold this week so I knew it would have been a huge mistake to take it yesterday. Last time I only got through two passages but my mind was completely melted by the time I got to the was all just a freakin' blurr . I think I didn't answer enough to pass...
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    I am going to go back and study reading comp again. I was doing great with the practice exam book, usually took me half the time as allotted. I am going to find some more test material online and try the 15 minute 40 question thing a try. I honestly tried both ways, skimmed and went to questions. I felt like that took too long so i read the questions and looked for keywords. The second worked better for me, still not a great way to get correct answers though.

    If you dont pass one section of the test, do you just have to retest on the section you failed? It seems that way as there was one girl on the front row that got up and left after the first part.

    Do they average the 2 sections, or do they have different weights? I am fairly confident that I probably hit 75-80% on the first section and 40-50% on the second.
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    Whichever section you don't pass you take again. So for me, I will have to sit and wait the first 30 min and then take the test with the rest of the people during Part 2. The way they grade it is: They average all the components of Part 1 (vocab, math, spacial) and give you a score. So if you bomb math it doesn't matter (sure wish I knew that). I got a 92. The reading comp stands alone. I got a 44 there. I was toast by then. The front row is saved for us folks who are retesting. Do you remember what the passages were about? I am wondering if we get to take the same exam again...
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    One was about womens rights, another was about preschool childrens assessment,and the third I cant even remember as my brain was toast by then and I guessed on the answers. I just took keywords from the question and skimmed.

    That sucks that they dont average everything together....I can only hope my guessing worked on the 2nd part then. Thats not bad though, I think it would be alot easier doing the reading comp again since 1) you dont have the first part to burn you out and 2) You have an idea of what to study and not just shooting into the wind.

    According to Ms. Hawkins, we will get our results in 2 weeks....hopefully it will be a passing score, I will take that for a Christmas present for sure!
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    I don't remember the woman's rights (was that the third one?) but I remember a preschool assessment program and some invention that was totally confusing. Yes it does suck that they don't average it all...I hope you passed and can get on with getting accepted to the program. Let me know either way!

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