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Hi all, I have posted a few times about my worries on getting into a nursing program and just wanted to share that I got accepted to Watts School of Nursing in Durham. I am so excited and I was wondering if any Watts students... Read More

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    Is anyone here a current or previous Watts SON student?
    (Hi, Jamm)

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    Hi everyone, I take my entrance exam on Dec 1, and I am extermely nervous! I havent been this nervous since I took my NCLEX exam lol. From what i hear this exam is a real challenge. Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    Hey Livinlife4,
    I took the exam in October- I am not at all good in math but very good with verbal and spatial, which is Part 1 of the exam. Part 2 is reading comp and it's bad because you just got fried whipping through 90 questions in 30 min and now you have to answer 40 more in 15. My advice is to not get too hung up on the math. Answer the easy ones, move on from the hard ones. The spatials aren't too bad. The verbals are pretty easy as well and everything gets averaged. For example, I scored only 44 in the math but super high on the others and ended up with a 92%. The reading - not so much. I was scheduled to test tomorrow for Part 2 but I have a cold so I called and cancelled today. The key to that seems to be to NOT read the passage, just find the answers, which is NOT what I did. Stay focused- I thought I blew the first part and never concentrated long enough to answer correctly for the second. Scored 44 . Let me know how you do!
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    Thank you, i definetely appreciate it! I have been studying from the recommended book as well as other online sites and I hope I do well. My weakness is math also, so I've been brushing up on it and it slowly came back to me. I think its a little insane to have so many questions in such a short time. I will keep you posted after the exam in the morning and let you know how I did! Hope you reschedule soon!
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    Just move quickly and answer the simpler ones. If you have a watch that can time I would do that too so you can sort of keep on track. I left about 10 questions unanswered and did fine with that part 1. I hope you pass too. Stay focused and calm.
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    Hey prcoach,

    The exam wasn't as bad as I thought but I didn't finish it all either. I still don't see how they grade you if they don't expect you to finish? But I'm glad it's over...results in two weeks!
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    Hi y'all, I took the pre-admission test today too. My first time,.. OMG.. tried so hard but only did the half of each. Has anyone passed it the first time or passed it the second time? because it seems crazy to me with that time limit to many questions.
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    hey Livinlife,
    That's awesome that you didn't feel like you got swallowed up today. If I had been there we would have gotten a chance to meet. If you feel good about the test you probably did fine. I got my results in 2 weeks. Right on time. Let me know how you do!
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    Hey Leophuong,
    I think there is a high percentage of people who actually bomb the reading comp because they are so flustered from the 90 questions in 30 minute race. I passed the first part with 92% but I didn't answer enough or correctly for the reading comp. To be honest, I was never able to concentrate. I hope you did better than you think!
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    @prcoach, thank you, you've been a great help to me!
    @leophuong, it was weird how ms. hawkins ended the exam hahaha. But I'm glad it's over and good luck to you as well!

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