Calling any Watts School of Nursing Students!!! - page 33

Hi all, I have posted a few times about my worries on getting into a nursing program and just wanted to share that I got accepted to Watts School of Nursing in Durham. I am so excited and I was wondering if any Watts students... Read More

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    Thans Butterbee, Im sending it off tomorrow! I pray I get it in!

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    You'll get in. No worries
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    What do you have to get on the entrance exam in order to pass? what is the minimum score?
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    feel free to correct me if i'm wrong but i think you just need to be in the 50th percentile or greater.
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    yep, 50th percentile or better.
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    butterbee- are you in Watts now?
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    Hi Jammamma, I'm just starting MOC in January....Watts 15.
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    gotcha- good luck! i'm in watts 14 and i was hoping you could give me some insight on what is to come. perhaps it will be the other way around?
    when do you meet with dr. c at MOC?
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    alright, thank you so much! I'm taking the entrance exam tomorrow and I am so nervous!
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    Hey jam, yes I've met with Dr C at MOC. I've read most of the entries in the watts nursing June forum and y'all have no idea how much you've all helped me with this process so far. The meetings, the moodle, the not ordering books too soon. I wasn't totally lost when I left my meeting with dr c but only because I already knew what she was talking about because of the June forum.

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