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Hello! I applied to CPCC's Nursing Program in Charlotte, NC. I was told to expect a letter notifying me of my status by October. Has anyone out there received a letter yet???? I'm very nervous... Read More

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    Does anybody know where and when the nursing orientation is for CPCC on monday 10/5??? I turned my sheet in that had all the info! any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    The orientation is in Tate Hall, Overcash Bldg. 9a to 1p. Hope this helps!

    Gandrad0, Thank you for all of your information! Best of luck on your test!
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    so how was orientation?? Are you guys excited to start the program?? :wink2:
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    Very, very excited!!! Orientation went well. I have a lot to do before January! How was the second test??
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    it was actually my 3rd test but it went well....thank God!!! it seems that I am understanding everything a little better and know how to study now!! yes.... i was stressed after orientation so much to do huh? if you need any help with anything let me know~Lupe
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    I just applied for the nursing program at CPCC. For those of you that were accepted into CPCC nursing program, what did you score on your teas? My score was a 26.05 and I was just wondering if that was good enough to get in.
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    you said you applied for the Fall 2010 semester? Have you received a letter yet?
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    What was everyones teas score? I am planning to take the teas and apply for spring 2011.
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    hi i amtrying to get into the ADN program for fall 2012 at cpcc do you have any advise or suggestions for me?
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    PriscillaR, I applied for fall 2012 also. How did you do on the TEAS?