BSN, RN 14 years, want to move to Wilmington BSN, RN 14 years, want to move to Wilmington | allnurses

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BSN, RN 14 years, want to move to Wilmington

  1. 0 Hi all - I have to get out of the cold weather here in Buffalo. Wilmington looks nice as does working at Hanover. I am miserable every year from Oct to April. I end up working all the time to make the time pass.

    I am 39 y/o; a single parent of a 20 y/o and three dogs; daughter is in college now but would go with me. She hates the weather as much as me.

    I am in a low-crime suburb of Buffalo; I make $27.24/hr as a charge nurse on the 3-11 shift at a sub-acute rehab; I would like to stay the same as far as income and housing goes. I would have to sell my house but I would like to be out of here in two years.

    It's part of "Changing the things I can."

    How is working at Hanover and what neighborhoods nearby have relatively low-crime and houses to about 100K? Still paying student loans so not biting off more house than I can chew.

    I also would like to stay on second shift. Last three years I have been in geriatrics/subacute rehab. Experienced with dementia as well as strokes/etc. I do most of the admissions.

    I need out of this cold/rusty area!

    I would also like to go to Myrtle Beach. I have a solid three years of nursing home experience and enjoy the population. No ER's/OR's for me!


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    Hi Terri, I'm also 39 and looking to relocate to Wilmington from Ohio. Did you ever make the move? I make around the same here as a Charge nurse and hoping to at least make the same there. Wondering how difficult it is to get a job in the local hospitals. Any info or advice would be appreciated.