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  1. Hello, my name is Celeste. I am new to the forum. I wanted to share a very bad experience I had recently with an agency in Greensboro called Angel Hands. I'm telling you so maybe others can avoid this.

    I applied for a part time CNA position there. I have all clean certifications and excellent work references. Initially, they told me they were interested and would be in touch when they followed up on my references. A week went by. I called about the position several times and all I got was, "I'm really busy, I'll have to get back to you." I finally went in to talk to the owner, and he asked me a lot of really inappropriate personal questions. He told me they would be in touch when they finished checking my references. I couldn't believe it. A week had gone by and they still hadn't gotten my references. Another week went by and I decided to go by the office and find out what was going on.

    Long story short, the owner was very unprofessional and rude, using vulgar language, saying "I don't have time for this s--t," and telling the admin to "throw her f---ing file away, there's no job for her here." I've never had anyone speak to me like that professionally. I left in tears.

    I think this man is crazy. He fired one of the admins while I was applying, and some of the staff confided in me that they were fed up. They didn't know what to expect from day to day from this guy. They told me he was losing cases and was probably in trouble with the state over something.

    I just wanted to let you all know about this. Maybe it will save you some trouble.
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  3. by   EmilyLucille523
    Thanks for the warning but I would **** the name of the place in part just because he may be such a jerk to sue you for putting him and his agency in a bad light. You know of all those horrible FB stories. Just thought I'd look out for you as you are looking out for us!