Applying to Watts School of Nursing

  1. Hey everyone!! I know there are some old post about Watts School of Nursing, but I was looking for some up to date advice. I recently went to the information session in August and just signed up to take the preadmission test on October 9th. I'm asking for any advice about the test from someone that has taken it recently.

    I have the study book they mentioned on the website, but I just wanted a little more info on what to expect from the test, since you only get 2 chances to past. My goal is to past the test and have all the application forms into Watts by Christmas, and be admitted to start Mount Olive next June 2013. I'm starting to have anxiety about the test and any help from anyone would be great!!
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  3. by   tyf2816
    Best advice is to answer as many of the multiple choice questions as you can. It is a timed test. Brush up on basic algebra and word problems. It is hard to study the vocabulary but the test is really close to what is in the website. I had to take aptitude over, did fine with the reading comp. Skip what you don't know. I start clinicals in Jan 2013. Good luck.
  4. by   kmlamb1
    i am planning on applying to have the information session this Monday coming up going to get the book soon to take the test in February i currently go to wake tech but decided to try watts because i heard its a little faster to get into than waiting on completing the pre req's first and see if i get in .any advice would be greatly appreciated