Anyone familiar with CareOne Health Training in Raleigh for CNA I Training?

  1. 0 I'm considering the CNA programs at both JCC and CareOne Health Training...and was wondering if anyone has had any first-hand experience with the certificate programs at CareOne? Although the cost is greater than JCC, the schedule and location would both be better options for me. I already have a BS in Business and am looking to make a career change into the nursing field.

    Also, can you tell me if employers have shown a preference in hiring CNAs from local community colleges over programs such as CareOne or fast-track classes in the area? In addition to CNA I, I am also taking a certificate course for "Perinatal Assistant", my goal is to secure future employment in a hospital or women's health center.

    Thanks for any suggestions or insight!
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    Yes! I just completed my CNA I class at Care One. They have a great program and are very professional. They do clinicals in a nearby nursing home. Also, the state exam is hosted at their facility. So, you will be familiar with the lab and setting for the exam. The skills lab is open after class twice a week so that you can come in and practice. I also needed this as a prerequisite for nursing school admissions. I passed my state exam and felt well prepared. Best wishes!

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