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  1. 0 Folks any one applying for AE MSN program for 2011, please post your updated information here. My graduate application is complete and I am going to submit my letter of intent next week.

    Good Luck!
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    Hi CDCD,

    I just received my acceptance letter to the program. Have you heard back yet? If so, let's chat logistics about Greenville and ECU!

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    Hi ElizabethR11 congrats..., I also got accepted into the program. I got my acceptance letter from department last Saturday. Did you get official letter from Graduate school? I am still waiting for my official letter from graduate school.
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    I just got my acceptance on Saturday as well
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    CDCD- I have not gotten my official notification from the graduate school yet either. Hopefully it will be here this week.

    Rach-congrats to you! Have you given any thought to housing for next year yet? I've never been to Greenville so I don't know too much about the lay of the land.
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    I've just got my letter a couple days ago - the first one was lost somewhere while mailing ElizabethR11, there are a lot of housing options in Greenville, and ECU bus runs to many apartment complexes to pick up students. The prices are reasonable. We live 5-8 min from campus, in a big apartment complex; 2-bedrooms are 500, and 1-bedrooms are 400. Two students above us share the apartment, you may think about this option, too if you like it. I like the place because of noise restrictions - the university housing is too loud to my liking. Good luck with your search!
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    Hi Elizabeth- I don't know what I'm doing about housing yet. I plan to go look in the area next week. I'm glad to hear that the options are plentiful and cheap though

    Have you all received any additional information yet? I'm eagerly waiting...
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    All that I've received so far are separate mailings with information about my pirate ID and accessing my student accounts (Blackboard, email etc) and info about immunization forms. I know it's still early, but I want more information about what our schedule will be like, if we have a dresscode for the classroom, books, etc!!

    I need to make a trip down to Greenville and check out my list of apartments I've been researching online. My main concern right now is trying to get an apartment in a more graduate friendly area so I don't have to worry about undergrad parties happening outside my door while I'm trying to study!
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    Hey! I'm joining ya'll in the Fall too

    I haven't looked into housing or anything yet. Anastasia83, what complex is that? Sounds really good compared to what I've been seeing on craigslist and other apt complexes. I'm def not wanting to be near the undergrad crowd! Been there, done that, don't want to repeat the fiasco of living in an undergraduate community...

    Elizabeth, when are you going to visit? I need to make a trip too.
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    I'm headed to Greenville this Wednesday to look at 6 different complexes managed by Wainwright. I'll let you know what they look like in person!
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    Kreak, I live in VillageGreen complex on the 10th st. It is about 12 min drive from the College of Nursing. There are other apartment complexes, closer to the medical complex, but I don't know how quiet those are or how much the rent is.
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    Hi Folks!!
    I will just randomly googling and found this discussion and I will be joining y'all as well is Fall. I still haven't got the Official admission letter....should I be worried about that??

    How is everyone's apartment searching coming along? I hoping to figure something out by early May.

    take care
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    AnnCher-- have you been getting the new student packet emails from the school of nursing? They were sent out around the middle of April and there have been a few follow up emails since then.