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  1. 0 So, I have messed up my first two years in college. I had thought I wanted to do a different major, I tried it out for a semester, but because of that it delayed me in getting a few classes that are only held at certain semesters. Not to mention I did poorly in a few classes, but I retook some to get a B+ in them.

    Because of the particular semesters each is held, I'm stuck taking 6 years to finish the major in nursing rather than the standard 4. Now I know it's pretty common that people spend 6 years to do some majors, but I feel like I have a huge disadvantage taking 6 years to do this field of study. Right now I have a 2.8GPA and I am trying my best to bring it back to the required 3.0 to even claim the nursing major, I just want to know if I have even a slightest chance getting accepted into the Upper Division with these kind of factors?

    Thank you!