Admission response time from Watts???

  1. 0 Hi everyone : ) I've recently applied to Watts and am curious about the normal time frame to receive a decision letter? I submitted my criminal background check 3 weeks and 3 days ago and I'm starting to get a little anxious!
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    Hi there Just wondering if you've heard anything yet! I submitted my check a little over a week ago, and no word. I've noticed that a few folks on this site have indicated it only took about a week and a half for them to hear . . . not sure how soon I should be haunting my mailbox.
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    Still no decision letter yet, however, I did email the admissions coordinator and received a response Monday stating that they were just returning from break and that my application was being prepared for review. I should hear something within the coming weeks. I notice most of the other posts stating they received responses within only a few weeks were during the school year as opposed to summer break which I think is definitely a contributing factor in the delay in response. Still anxiously yet patiently waiting
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    Wow, I was hoping you'd heard by now! But you're right that summer break probably accounts for the timing, and I'm going to officially stop worrying for a while. Definitely won't bother pestering the poor admissions coordinator anytime soon.

    Thanks for the update, and please post again if you hear anything else! I'll do the same.
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    Will do!
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    I received my acceptance letter in today's mail... Yippppeeeeeee!!!!! : ) Keep me posted Susie10 hopefully we'll be starting together in January!

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