2012 Watts applicants ( anticipating the decision letter) - page 9

Looking to connect with any Watts applicants that are waiting to hear back from Watts on their acceptance or have already been accepted for the May 2012 start date......... Read More

  1. by   prcoach
    Thank you JL- what class(es) do you have?
  2. by   jlmercer
    Eng 111 and psy 100
  3. by   prcoach
    Are they online course for you? I had to take a filler class because those two courses were transferred from my colllege education.
  4. by   jlmercer
    Anyone on here in the psy class on thursdays? I missed class tonight and just wanted to know whaat assignments I've missed. How was the quiz?
  5. by   jlmercer
    Anatomy Drill and Practice

    The website above is an A &P website that helps me study. I wanted to pass it along to anyone that is taking A&P next quarter. Its call anatomy drill and practice.

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