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Looking to connect with any Watts applicants that are waiting to hear back from Watts on their acceptance or have already been accepted for the May 2012 start date......... Read More

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    I am scheduled to take the pre-admissions test April 3rd and I'm wondering if anyone knows whether that is too late to start with the next class in May/June.

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    It probably is but. It depends upon whether or not you can get your stuff in quickly after you get your test back AND if the spots have all been filled. You can probably ask the recruiter this question. It takes 2 weeks to get your test results. If you send your completed application packet in the next day, one week later you will get another letter asking for your background check, then it could take another 3-4 weeks. The time suggests a December start. Good luck on the test. It is a lot of questions and you have to work fast.
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    Finally got my letter from MOC, now I am just waiting for the call.It will be good to meet everyone at orientation!
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    Received my acceptance letter today! Been sweating bullets for a couple weeks hoping to get it.....going to the beach this weekend so im going to celebrate!
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    SWEET!!! See you at orientation!!!
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    Yay, HotSoup! Just so you know, it took almost a whole month to get the letter from MOC and then it took a few more days before I got the email about setting up the appointment.
    Has anyone had any luck looking for scholarships or grants?
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    No luck with grants if you already have a degree Classes start May 29th. I can't wait to meet everyone at orientation!
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    Hey everyone!
    I just turned in my background check on Monday and I'm wondering if I have a realistic shot at May. It took FOREVER for one of my recs to get me her form, so I turned my app packet in 2 weeks later than I had wanted. I would really love to start with all of you! Do you think that I should call and ask JH if there are any spots? I feel like I don't want to ruin any shot at even getting in at all by "bothering" her.

    Thanks girls!
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    I really dnt want to say for sure but I think that trying to get in for May is pushing it bc we are already have our class schedule. I took the test in November and missed the January start. Maybe you have a chance though...who knows only WATTS.
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    I think it would completely depend upon whether or not there are any more slots available for this cohort. I would definitely call her and ask. You have nothing to lose by doing that, and then you can plan for your the rest of your year if won't be going to school.

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