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    Does the meeting with MOC cover financial aid as well as setting up the class schedule, or is it just about which classes to sign up for?

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    I am sure that once I get the letter/call from MOC that will seem like a really silly question! I am looking for scholarships and grants and it is getting a little overwhelming, so I am hoping the financial aid part comes sooner rather than later so I will know what I am working with.Really can't wait to meet you all and get started!
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    First you will get a letter from MOC and they will tell you to get signed in on your Fafsa. Once you have that done someone will call you. You will meet with a lady who will create your curriculum (we are all in the same classes), then another lady who will discuss your grants/financial aide (but she was out sick yesterday so I will have that next week) and then a man who will take your $50. He goes over some paperwork explaining payment terms. So far I start one on-line course May 28th. Then we have classes that start the first week after July 4th for 5 weeks. Then we have Anatomy and Physiology with other courses that sort of overlap because that class is 10weeks. We are done right before Thanksgiving for the month of Dec and then we are in our 2 years of clinical.
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    Thanks, prcoach! That is super helpful! I think I am going to be able to get out of several classes so I am interested to see what I end up with.
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    I was able to get out of several too. I think what happens in this case is we end up taking one or two on-line class for the first 5 weeks (May 28th start date- but really May 29th because that is Memorial day) and then we take the core courses that are set by MOC and Watts. I got out of Eng, Gen psych, and history, maybe one other course. I did not get out of math so I have to take that. No one gets out of religion or sociology. We also have to take a developmental pysch course and A & P. You will probably have something similar, if that helps. We have a mandatory orientation on the 23rd of May it think. We can all meet then. Are you fresh out of college or a returning student?
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    Returning. I have a BA in Psych. What you ended up with is pretty much what I am expecting. How did you choose your other courses? Someone recommended that I look into prereqs for a BSN or MSN and try to get some of those out of the way, so I am trying to see what those will look like and what our options will be at MOC.
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    When you get there the counselor will show you what is available. I am not going for my BSN. I have two degrees already and think that I will stick with floor nursing rather than management. However, I chose a business course that seems to be common- has to do with managing others. My stuff isn't where I am or else I would be much more specific. We can also IM each other if you want more in depth information. Also we can talk more because this is a public forum.
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    I just sent you an IM...see if you can find it...
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    Hey prcoach,Got your message, but I need a few more posts before I can PM.
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    Ok...keep posting away . You probably don't need much at this point.

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