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Looking to connect with any Watts applicants that are waiting to hear back from Watts on their acceptance or have already been accepted for the May 2012 start date......... Read More

  1. by   prcoach
    I know you didn't ask, but if you stand a chance to get into Watts go for it. They have an incredible reputation and even more incredible number of students who pass the NCLEX first time out. They are so organized and provide you with great clinical experience that you would be hurting yourself not to keep going in this direction first, especially if you cant find a thing out about Piedmont. At the end of the day, there are good nurses and bad nurses...you want to be a well educated good nurse.
  2. by   03badger
    Well I hope that y'all can make room for me because I rec'd my acceptance a few hours after I wrote my last post! My head is spinning! I went from getting my app in to acceptance in less than three weeks..whoah.

    At any rate, my name is Natalie. I have a BS in Child Development/Family Studies and did my internship in Child Life at The University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital. Grad in '03.

    I'm 35 and a single mom to 2 little girls. Can't wait to get to know you all better.
  3. by   prcoach
    YAY!!! Congratulations Natalie! We definitely have room for you. I am a single mom of four but older (not willing to give that away just yet). See you in May for orientation!!!
  4. by   HotSoup
    Anybody have any insight on loans/grants/etc for Watts/MOV? I havent met with MOC yet so im kinda lost on all that right now. When I went to college before, it was just paid by my parents. I have the responsibility to pay for this myself and according to the FAFSA and the price per semester listed on the Watts website, I am a bit short even if I get the full amount listed on the FAFSA website. I am sure they will help with all of that, I am just a bit nervous right now about it.
  5. by   prcoach
    If you have any degrees you will not get any grants but you depending upon your income you will be eligible for financial aid...they will meet with you and explain all of it to you. Hopefully you will get the loans you need.
  6. by   HotSoup
  7. by   hrdwknmom85
    yaaahhhh!!! Natalie!!! Cant wait to meet u all..Congrats everyone.
  8. by   03badger
    So I met with Mt. Olive College today..to say I have sticker shock is probably a gross understatement. $7600 for 19 credits...unreal.
  9. by   HotSoup
    Quote from 03badger
    So I met with Mt. Olive College today..to say I have sticker shock is probably a gross understatement. $7600 for 19 credits...unreal.
    I have a meeting tomorrow, wasnt expecting it to be that much! I just hope I can get some good student loans to cover the cost.
  10. by   jlmercer
    I'm wondering why I haven't received any emails showing responses to this thread? I guess I will have to read thru and catch up on everything. Nice to meet everyone.
  11. by   jlmercer
    I am excited. Cna't wait to meet everyone in a couple of weeks!!!
  12. by   rhondee_luv
    So, I'm waiting to hear back from Watts after sending in some required additional information. The next step would be the background check, I've been waiting for a week so far. I'm beyond excited and very anxious!! Hopefully it won't be too much longer. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed )
  13. by   jlmercer
    Just checked out moodle and it appears that our classes for the first quarter are currently online along with the sylabus.