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2012 Watts applicants ( anticipating the decision letter) - page 3

Looking to connect with any Watts applicants that are waiting to hear back from Watts on their acceptance or have already been accepted for the May 2012 start date......... Read More

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    When does prereq classes start? I have heard May/June but havent found any info about it. Maybe im just looking in the wrong place
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    I dnt really know. I was a lil confused to bc I also heard May/June so i was trhinkin maybe at end of May.
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    Anybody know how long it will take to get an acceptance/denial letter?
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    Do u all have any of the pre req completed or should i say possibility transfer
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    June...This is how I understand it: First we get accepted, then we get a call from a representative from Mount Olive who helps us configure our schedule. That will be when we get a clearer understanding of exactly when school starts. I have looked up on the Watts website and found the curriculum that is occurring right now so I could get a sense of what the classes looked like. I am hoping that a lot of my previous classes might apply but i suspect that if we are more than 5 years out from graduate and post graduate studies then nothing applies...
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    it will be another 2-3 weeks tops.
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    Also, no matter what courses we transfer we still need to take the indicated number of credits from their school. So if you can transfer psych, history or religion then you have to take something else to fill the void. The subject transfers but not the credits I guess
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    I guess it depends on how she feel bc at first start after I sent in my packet it only took a day for me to receive the background check form. ThenI had my lil hold up but she has kept me informed with everything and I know she received the last piece of info she ask from me last week so hoping that I will receive something this week.
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    That's how it went for me. But both Hot soup and I just got and sent the background check form and money. I asked the receptionist how long from now and she said 'a couple of weeks.' I figure 2-3. I got my test results back in 9 days this time so maybe we will get fast results on the application too!
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    Yeah I know and thats my problem bc i have Psy, Soc, Math, Eng already completed and hopefully they transfer. If so I rreally dnt know what classes to take to satisfy the credits and benefit me in the long run.
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    Exactly- you may do much better just retaking stuff. I am sure we will all have Anatomy and Physiology. I have read other threads about the religion class and they all seemed to really stress out with that one . i have all but the math on my transcripts...but...they are from 1981-1987! Looks like refresher time for me!

    Hey Hrdwknmom how do you like being a CNA?
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    I jus had a something on my criminal background that was very minor to me but major to them...I got it all situated now so I guess im jus patiently waitin
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    I have a ton of classes I took in college but I graduated in 03 so I doubt any will transfer over. From my understanding from talking to a couple people already in the program, taking all the classes again with your classmates will outweigh transfer credits.