2012 Watts applicants ( anticipating the decision letter) - page 3

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Looking to connect with any Watts applicants that are waiting to hear back from Watts on their acceptance or have already been accepted for the May 2012 start date......... Read More

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    so im taking that Im goin to be the baby of the crew.
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    do u all know of anymore that are anticipating start in May???
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    Are you working as a CNA?
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    Jlmercer is already in...Hot soup, you and I are waiting.
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    yeah I work as a CNA
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    So far...and it seems I am the Mama Bear! Yikes I am feeling old!
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    When does prereq classes start? I have heard May/June but havent found any info about it. Maybe im just looking in the wrong place
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    I dnt really know. I was a lil confused to bc I also heard May/June so i was trhinkin maybe at end of May.
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    Anybody know how long it will take to get an acceptance/denial letter?
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    Do u all have any of the pre req completed or should i say possibility transfer