Travel nsg.

  1. Thinking about hitting the road & doing travel nursing sometime next year. I think it will expand my knowledge. Plus, seeing the world & making new friends in different areas of the country.

    Does anybody you know travel or do you? What company? Any advice?
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  3. by   iyqyqr
    Hi, I have 26 years of NICU, level III, and I took a year's leave from my current NICU and traveled to three sites. I remained ECB status at my present job and each month flew home to work the required 32 hours/a month. Doing so, froze my benefits and sick leave. I worked with American Mobile, and chose them because they could get me to the NICU's I wanted. I was well treated and supported, but other companies do pay better. I was doing this for the experience, rather than for the money. I chose my units based on design and practice. Spent 15 weeks at CHildren's of Philly, which is the top NICU according to the rankings. It was a challenging and rewarding year. The great part is that each unit has wonderful 'pearls' of practice; the bad part is that each unit has practice areas that you know could be done easier/better and one can rarely effect change as a traveler. 4 practice pearls have been implemented in my home unit, now that I'm back, which is a good thing. I am 58 and single. I would not choose traveling as a career, unless I had a friend to tra vel with or a husband. At times it was lonely, but I got out and saw lots of touristy things. Traveling helps you see how unit cultures are different and may help you find a unit that you may be a 'best fit' in. I'm now trying to decide whether to relocate based on that. If you want more info, contact me.
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